One Happy Turtle (video)

See a beautiful underwater Hawksbill turtle in Koh Tao, Thailand happily going about his day in his pristine sun drenched underwater habitat: swimming, eating, inspecting his surroundings. The music is from the Whitest Boy Alive, Burning.

With all the bad news about Hawksbill turtles being endangered, itís nice to be able to watch this turtle from far away enjoying such a happy day.


Elisa F.
Elisa F.3 years ago

Love this! So nice to see the Turtle having a nice day :)

Mary T.
Mary T.3 years ago

I want the turtles life, swimming in the sea with all the other beautiful sea creatures, too bad the turtle is in endangered

LMj Sunshine

So cool, thank you for sharing!!

LMj Sunshine

So cool, thank you for sharing!!

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago

Thanks Cris.

Beverly G.
bev g.5 years ago

Oh hes lovely, and hes so grace ful and beautiful, and look at his little face when chooses a bite to eat. So gorgeous little fella. They all need protecting.

Lidia F.
Lidia E F.5 years ago


Charles B.
Charles B.5 years ago

relaxing to watch,,,

Victoria Molinari
Past Member 5 years ago

very serene little guy :)

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.5 years ago

Wow, an astounding beautiful video of the Hawksbill turtle. Thank You for sharing made my day!