Open Yourself to the Unknown

Who you think you are is not real but a concoction of past events, desires, and memories. This concoction has a life of its own–it motors forward through time and space experiencing only those things that it knows. A new experience isn’t really new; it’s just a slight twist on very familiar sensations.

To open yourself to the unknown means cutting the ground out from under your familiar reactions and habits. Notice how often the same words come out of your mouth, the same likes and dislikes dictate what you do with your time, the same people fill your life with routine.

All of this familiarity is like a shell. The unknown is outside the shell, and to encounter it, you have to be willing to welcome it in.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004)


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That's for an enriched life

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Be a beautiful flower. Open gently to all beings.

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Dale Overall

Fascinating and appropriate advice, always so interesting and challenging to explore new venues and ways of thinking - so very necessary in our short journey through Life.