Orangutans Can Swim? (Photos)

Orangutans are generally thought to stay out of water, so some were surprised to find a small group of orphans in Borneo in a creek. Anne Russon from York University in Toronto shared photos of them in the water, including one handling a fish they later ate. The photos show orangutans playing in water, and wading. The New Scientist’s article says they can swim, but the photos don’t show swimming. A similar article in 2009 published photos of orangutans in a river, and said they were swimming, but it is more likely they were wading and sitting in the shallow water.

orang fruit

orang branch

orang with fish

Image Credits: Ann Russon, York University

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LMj Sunshine

Awesome pics, thank you!

LMj Sunshine

Awesome pics, thank you!

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Rita White
Rita White5 years ago

great photos

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nice photos

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Valerie G.
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Cute! But as Neil posted: Boycot products made with PALM OIL!

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