Organic Easter Brunch

Easter brunch: all the girls get to dress up in pretty frocks and hats and flowery shoes we’d otherwise never wear, and the boys, well, since they don’t particularly like to wear spring-colored shoes anyway, I suppose they just get to admire all the pretty flowers, dressed up for the occasion. If you have yet to decide upon a place to eat and show off your new strappy sandals, check out some of these great organic eateries all around the Bay Area:

  1. Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco, Berkeley, San Rafael, Headlsburg, Los Angeles.

  2. Calafia, Palo Alto in the Town and Country Shopping Center by Trader Joe’s. 650.322.9200
  3. East West Restaurant, Santa Rosa, 557 Summerfield Rd., 707.546.6142.
  4. Gracias Madre, San Francisco, 2211 Mission St., 415.683.1346. Organic, vegetarian and vegan.
  5. greens

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    Greens, San Francisco, on the water at Fort Mason, 415.771.6222.

  6. Herbivore, San Francisco (two locations) and Berkeley. Vegetarian and vegan.
  7. Plum Restaurant, Oakland, 2214 Broadway, 510.444.7586.
  8. Roots, San Francisco, 466 Bush St., 415.659.0349. Winner, Best of San Francisco, Organic Restaurant.
  9. The Plant Cafe Organic, San Francisco: Pier 3 Cafe & Restaurant, Pier 3, The Embarcadero, 415 984 1973. Also Marina Cafe, 3352 Steiner @ Chestnut, 415 931 2777.
  10. Venus, Berkeley, 2327 Shattuck Ave., 510.540.5950. Organic and sustainable.

As for me, I’m headed a couple of hours south for brunch with the family, where I will undoubtedly don some fabulous combination of pinks, yellows and oranges (including my shoes) and eat far too much good food before noon.

Happy Easter!

-Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image by riptheskull on flikr


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I LUV the Easter Greetings pic you chose! =)

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noted thx.

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disappointed because it was about recommended restaurants and not recipes....

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we paint boiled eggs in school

Seanog Blackwell
Seanog Blackwell5 years ago

we always paint boiled eggs in school for easter