Organic Wool Comforters

Sleeping under natural and organic fibers may be better for our health than sleeping under petroleum-based fibers such as polyester. The Ergonomics Unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales found that compared to polyester comforters, the heart rate under the wool-filled comforter was significantly lower 100 percent of the time. Reportedly, the Hohenstein Research Institute in Germany has found similar results.

Although expensive, with proper care, organic wool comforters can become heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation.

The average person gives off a pint of water vapor as perspiration during an eight-hour sleep period under a comforter. Wool has the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture under warm and cool sleeping conditions without feeling wet and clammy. No other fiber does this as well. Wool is also naturally flame resistant and actually meets state flammability regulations.

Wool can also spring back into shape, and bend back into itself some 20,000 times without breaking (compared to 3,200 times for cotton). It is important to buy wool comforters from sheep that have not been treated with pesticides, and from wool processing plants that use vegetable oils instead of petroleum.


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