Our Favorite Cold and Flu Remedies

Collected by the Editors of Spa Secrets.

If you want to stay healthy over the holidays, try these great tips and formulas. We’ve included teas, soups, homemade syrups, and more—all natural, all comforting, all effective. Great care for colds and flu, right here.

Kill Flu Germs Inside and Out

If You Have a Cold but Need to Attend a Meeting
(From Beauty Feng Shui, by Chao-Hsiu Chen (Inner Traditions, 2000).

Heat 2 glasses of cola (try to find a healthy kind) with 10 thick slices of fresh ginger. Add 2 tablespoons honey and the juice of a lemon and drink the mixture. (This recipe is very popular in Hong Kong.)

Soothing Herbal Bath Formula

Zesty Cold and Flu Formula

Honey Thyme for Sore Throats, Coughs, and Congestion

Scientifically Tested Herbs for Flu

Warming Winter Good Health Tea

French Healing Tea

Garlic Potato Healing Soup

Grandma’s Healing Soup

Mexican Healing Soup


Natasha Salgado
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I just use garlic daily. It's my cure all!! Thanks for the info!

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Thank you for sharing.

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i use garlic to roast potatoes with im going to try the other recipies to wow

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Great recipes. Thanks for sharing.

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