Outdoors: Instant Bamboo Fencing

Here’s a great option for instant privacy fencing: bamboo fencing, available by the roll. Bamboo fencing is affordable, extremely strong (bamboo stock has the equivalent strength of many alloys of steel), and easy to install. Best of all, bamboo grows quickly, making it a very renewable resource.

Above: Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing is made of durable Tonkin cane, connected with hidden heavy-gauge galvanized-steel-coated wires. The fencing is available in a variety of sizes, including the 4-foot-high version shown above, which is $59.97 per 8-foot-long roll at Home Depot.

Above: We’ve posted before on the Reed Fencing made by the same company. It’s also made of a renewable resource and is a great way to add shade to your outdoor space.

We also like traditional English willow fencing for a more delicate look. For ideas, see Remodelista’s post, Outdoors: Willow Garden Fencing.


LMj Sunshine

Good ideas, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Good ideas, thank you.

Janine Kaczynski
janine Kaczynski4 years ago

Changes the look of a room immensely. I am so pro-bamboo it isn't even funny. I use it as teepees for roses, connecting it with string, also for bottle gourd trellises. I teepee at intervals and connect with bamboo on top and across. It is awesome for showers outdoors, make a rectangle and hang curtains. The list goes on and on. I could live forever in the grace of bamboo! (if youwant it to grow quickly, make sure you water it 24/7 or live in an area with a high watertable)

Pinke A.
Pinke A.4 years ago

I have one roll of bamboo waiting.I'm going to do a garden-shower place,using it for as the wall. It is going to be just fine :) Only that I have to take it down for the winter,if the snow goes in form the tops...maybe it will brake them.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener4 years ago

And after their screening years they can be composted, brilliant!

Mary S.
Mary S.4 years ago

I'm confused. The article mentions that bamboo grows quickly. While that is true, it looks like the fencing is made from dead sticks, does it simply mean the bamboo is quickly renewable or are we talking about a living fence? Sorry, but I really don't get it. Also, I'm pretty sure a thin bamboo fence will not hold up to a New Brunswick snow storm, let alone the many we are likely to see every winter.

Susana L.
sue l.5 years ago


Saryn G.
Saryn G.6 years ago

It looks nice but it's pretty easy to see through.

Ann V.
Ann V.6 years ago

Looks great!

Lita C.
pat a.6 years ago

hmmmmm. i live near Austin, Tx and i'm getting 16 feet for $32.00. mine has been up 4 years and still looks great.