More Than 100 Cats Dumped at Marin Humane Society

In the period of 18 months, someone dropped off more than 100 kittens and cats at the Marin Humane Society, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area. All four drop-offs in a year and a half period are believed to be by the same person, as evidenced by a surveillance camera.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, all the felines have been checked by a veterinarian and are in good health. While nothing illegal was done, the extra 100 cats has doubled the normal capacity at Marin Humane Society and is causing the shelter great stress. Of course, they also want to stop this pattern and educate the owner about the benefits of neutering and spaying.

The kittens are all black and white and seem to be related. Animal Care Manager Samantha Winegarner told the Marin IJ,

“It would be so helpful to have some information about the cats and kittens. We noticed one of the female cats was lactating but we weren’t sure which kittens were hers or if her kittens were even a part of the group that was dropped off. Fortunately, we were able to reunite momma and kittens but precious bonding time was lost.”

To help them care for the kitties, The Marin Humane Society is waiving their normal cat and kitten adoption fees, of $100 and $125 respectively, through the end of August. The Marin Humane Society Adoption Center is located at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd in Novato, California. If you are from a nearby county, it would be worth the extra trip to Marin Humane.

Have you ever adopted a kitten or cat from a shelter? Thanks for sharing your experience in a comment below.

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Christine Jones
Christine Jabout a year ago

I always get all my animals from shelters, except my dear old ginger cat, Jaffa Cake. I got him through my vet. His owner, a client like me, had to go into care due to ill health, and was desperately worried about his cat and had asked the vet for help. I went to the vet purely to pick up some supplies. We got talking; long story short, JC is now my much-loved cat. The night before I'd had a vivid dream about getting a male ginger cat. I had no idea why I dreamt this, as I wasn't looking for a cat at the time. The universe works in mysterious ways.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Croweabout a year ago

I would adopt from a shelter if I could, but friends and family keep bringing me cats or kittens who they find and need a home. My niece told me she brought me Ebony became she knew he would be safe and loved at our house!
We now have 5 and I wish I could take in more, but my hubby would have a fit.

Millie O'Connor
Millie O'Connor2 years ago

Denise N., you are truly the definition of caring, selfless and compassionate. Bless you for adopting this poor little thing that certainly does deserve to live and how lucky to have you come along and adopt her! It's so sad she had to start out like that, so unfair, but here you are giving her a much deserved second chance at life. So many people want beauty queen cats and dogs, and here you are opening up your heart ten times bigger than most and adopting this sweet baby, who I'll bet will be gorgeous when she's healed. You and she are in my prayers from now on, I wish her a full recovery so you can both enjoy each other as you should. God bless and keep you, Denise. :-)

Denise Nuno
Denise N2 years ago

I just adopted a shelter cat. The shelter thought she was a senior kitty but it turns out she is probably a young cat who has had a very rough start in life. She was attacked by another animal and is badly hurt on both her front legs and paws; one is broken. She is unable to walk well on her sore and swollen legs and unable to use a litter box with her broken, injured paws. Almost all of her teeth are missing. She clearly fought for her life and continues to do so. Please join me in prayers for her complete recovery so she can have the loving happy life she always deserved and was meant to have. Thank you.

Barb Hansen
Ba H2 years ago

purebred pets have many health problems, shelter rescues are always smarter

Val M.
Val M2 years ago

Yes, have adopted from a shelter - and also a craft store! My ginger cat, Bumbletail Tigerbear Stickywhiskers (Bumbles for short) was dumped on the street as a kitten. He wandered into a craft shop where he happily played with various items. I can imagine the havoc he caused in there! The shop owners kept evicting him, but, being Bumbles, he kept going back for another game. He was about to be sent to a shelter when I turned up to buy Christmas gifts for my family. I didn't buy anything, but I came home with a very loudly purring kitten :-)

John Hines
John Hines2 years ago


Donna F.
Donna F2 years ago

very sad! TY to all who properly care for their animals

Tanya W.
Tanya W2 years ago

Noted thanks.Desexing your pets is so important. I have just desexed my kitten last week.

Tanya W.
Tanya W2 years ago

Noted thanks.Desexing your pets is so important. I have just desexed my kitten last week.