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5 Irresistible Benefits of Adopting a Mutt

Growing up, we called them Heinz 57. The American Kennel Club calls them All American Dogs. National Mutt Day, on July 31, called them Mutts. No matter their name, mixed-breed dogs are finally getting…


The Best Natural Ingredients for Curly Hair (Infographic)

Can you identify what each and every ingredient in your favorite hair product is? Chances are, if it is a store bought product, there are several chemicals and silicones that are only weighing your ha…


Which Foods Have the Most Nutritional Bang for the Buck?

Nutrient density is a measure that shows which foods have the highest nutritional value in relation to caloric weight. The measurement can help you decide which foods have the most bang for your buck.…


Daily Cute: Cat ‘Blesses’ Owner Each Time She Sneezes

Each time Lizzie's owner sneezes, or even pretends to sneeze, the polite kitty responds with a little mew. Perhaps this is her way of saying "bless you." Watch the video to see Lizzie's good manners f…


Healthy Indian Snack: Potato & Vegetable Cutlets

For those times when the afternoon stretches into a lazy evening, your taste buds might crave a touch of spice: try this hot favorite snack from an Indian kitchen. Summer or winter, it is a delight to…


Treating Alzheimer’s with Turmeric

The spice turmeric may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, but what about treating Alzheimer's disease with the spice turmeric? An exciting case series was published in 2012: three Alzheimer's patients …

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6 Low-Impact Exercises That Are Easy On the Joints

While our bodies are tough, they need to be treated with care at the same time. Running and plyometrics are great ways to build endurance and burn calories, but itís also important to give the body a …


Eat Your Way to Younger-Looking Skin

Ever noticed that when you reach for that second cookie after dinner, you wake up with skin that looks dull, blotchy, and maybe even has a few more wrinkles? There's a reason for that. In the curio…


New Hope for Arthritis Sufferers

Anyone who has experienced the debilitating pain and inflammation of arthritis will tell you how much these symptoms can rob a person of the joy of living. Arthritis pain can interfere with the abilit…


11 Tips for Cutting Pet Costs

Pets provide people of all ages with companionship, responsibility, and purpose. For older individuals who are at risk of becoming lonely and/or depressed, a pet can make all the difference in their e…


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