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5 Ways Pumpkin Boosts Immune Health

Pumpkins are more than just beautiful and versatile. They may just help you strengthen your immune system just in time for cold season. Maybe that's why they're such a popular food in fall and winter!…

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The Caregiving Task That’s More Stressful Than Divorce

When an aging loved one's health begins to fail, families are confronted by a variety of challenging decisions. Is it safe for grandma to still be driving? Can dad continue to live on his own? Should …

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5 Reasons You Should Eat Grapefruit Today

Grapefruit, for me, was an acquired taste. As a girl, the tartness made my face pucker, and I’d push away the half-grapefruit my mother offered for breakfast. When I grew up, the grapefruit gene ki…


Why You Should Care About Feral Cats — and How You Can Help Them

Have you ever seen a feral cat or a colony of feral cats? Many people don't know these cats exist, yet they can be found in virtually every corner of our communities, from suburban developments to …

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4 Ways to Deal With Toxic Friendships

Have you ever had a friend for a year, ten years or even more and then, out of nowhere, she turned on you? You had her back, supported her and cared about her. You were there for her in her down times…

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Cats & Dogs Need to Nap Right Now (Video)

We know you'd love to take a nap. Since you can't, here's the next best thing. These dogs and cats fall asleep in such a cute way that watching them fall asleep is almost better than enjoying a nap …


The Location of Your Home Could Increase Your Heart Attack Risk

When we think about the risk factors for a heart attack, our list usually includes fatty food, sedentary job, stress and such. Research findings have now added another—and very surprising—factor to…


Harvest Vegetable Lasagna

This melty lasagna is packed with flavor from roasted summer squash, fresh basil, oregano, spinach and the sweetest garden tomatoes. Plus, it's a perfect way to use up a whole lot of vegetables in one…


My Journey to Forgiveness

In December of 2011, I decided to head up to Calistoga for a few days. Calistoga is a small town in Napa Valley, about an hour from where we live. For the past few years, Michelle and I have each go…

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Help Me Make This One Simple Step to Prevent Suicides

A friend of mine recently lost her 15 year-old nephew to bullying that led to suicide. Another friend found her daughter just moments too late. As a Vietnam veteran dealing with PTSD, I r…


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