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5 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Mood

While your mood sometimes dictates what foods you eat -- hello ice cream -- what you choose to eat can conversely affect your moods. While it may seem harmless enough, what you choose to eat for lunch…


What Living Abroad Taught Me About How to Dress

There is a very powerful trope of how the French dress: striped shirt, beret, scarf, and black clothes. Although I didn’t own a beret, I packed my bags with an eye towards fitting in, and a vague hope…


4 Proven Tips On How to Be Happy, According to Couples

Did you know that the rate of infidelity in American marriages has not increased in 20 years, even though attitudes toward adultery have loosened in the past 40? More facts, in addition to tips for su…


9 Vegan Egg Replacers For Baking

There are many reasons we might want to avoid eggs in our diet. It could be due to allergies, other health issues, religious reasons, animal rights or we may simply not like the taste. For me, ther…


Doug the Pug Delivers Amazing Notes of Kindness (Video)

Doug the pug has a 100 percent success rate when it comes to spreading cheer. Watch this cutie deliver the kindest notes to people in his community. If only we could get a visit from Doug the pug ev…

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6 Tips to Get You Motivated to Exercise

Let's admit it: Fitness can be hard. Whether you're working on a New Year's resolution or have been living a fit lifestyle for some time, there are just some days where you just don't. want. to. do. i…


10 Ways Cats Show You Love

It's often easy to spot when cats are being finicky or feisty. But what about when they are showing pure feline affection? What does that look like? We spoke with Dr. Allen Schoen, a veterinarian, …


3 Ways to Help Treat Your Autoimmune Disorder

Many autoimmune sufferers can recall a trauma that likely triggered their condition, whether it was physical, emotional, or environmental. In my case, I was hit by a Ford Explorer as a pedestrian at 4…


10 Things You Can Repair in Under 10 Minutes

From broken zippers to damaged USB cables, embrace your inner handyman with these quick DIY repairs. We live in a culture where disposability reigns – and the landfills are groaning with the strain o…


Are Microwave Ovens Bad for Your Health?

Microwaves are simple, don't require stirring or flipping things, and are incredibly fast. However, many people believe that this convenience comes at a cost. They believe that microwaves produce h…


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Don't know what we did before microwave ovens.

How funny! Purly premeditated! Dog 1 Cat 0. Showdown at noon.

NO I think they destroy nutrients. the issue for me is it changes thing on a cellular level. Try t…