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8 Simple Tips to Help Relieve Pet Allergies (Video)

Want to reduce the pet allergens in your home? Whether you're hosting family or friends with pet dander allergies or just really want to deep clean your house, check out our video for eight tips that …

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The World of Fair Trade Apparel: A Q&A With PrAna’s Nicole Bassett

Clothes may make the man, but who makes the clothes? This is the question every conscious consumer asks before they make a purchase. Were the farmers that produced the cotton for my t-shirt compen…

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Why Food is NOT the Enemy

Is it just me, or does it sometimes seem like the mainstream diet and fitness culture is out to scare us skinny? It presents food as nothing more than fuel by promoting a calories-in-versus-calories-b…

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Earth Day Connection: Listen to the Earth

Earth is calling—can you hear Her? The environmental issues we face causes me great anxiety or agida, as my Italian grandmother used to say. I work actively to focus on the positive things happe…


8 Biggest Myths About Suicide

Suicide is one of the most heartbreaking, confusing and misunderstood issues in contemporary culture. It's no surprise, then, that many people's understanding of suicide is shaped by the very taboo na…


5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Seaweed

When you think of seaweed, it may bring up memories of miry plants gripping your feet in a lake or an ocean, or the waxy green salad served at your local sushi restaurant. Slimy reputation aside, ther…


How We’re Creating Superbugs

In 1970 the US Surgeon General William Steward told Congress that it is “time to close the book on infectious diseases.” He, like most people in the seventies, believed that in large part due to moder…


Daily Cute: Funny Dogs Annoying Cats

Usually, cats wear the pants in the family. But, oh how the tables have turned! Watch this hilarious compilation of dogs that simply refuse to bow down to felines. These dogs are ready to play, and …


12 DIY Tasks This Vet Says You Can Do at Home

As a rule, we veterinarians aren’t big on the DIY approach to animal health care. We’ve known too many pets who suffered the wrath of makeshift splints, botched wart removals, backwoods tail-docking m…


Dog Flu Outbreak in American Midwest: What Dog Owners Should Know

Dogs, like their human companions, can catch the flu, and when they do, the poor babes suffer as we do with uncomfortable upper respiratory symptoms and fevers. However, unlike human flu which is wind…


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I don't see any reason in this day and age for cremation to be harmful to the environment or atmosph…

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Heidi....Good Day to you !!.....I see the drama continues here too.....It still comes down to."Does …

Of the people I know who have committed suicide, all have been medicated. Something is definitely wr…

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