Paperbacks or E-books?

I had a conversation with my father today about the appeal of e-books. We both agreed that it seems that some people love them, while others would never choose a Kindle or an iPad over a good, old-fashioned paperback.

I lean towards the latter. There is something special about holding a book. It seems more personal than an e-reader, which seems coldly electronic to me. As a reader, I highly prefer books.

However, as a writer, I can’t deny the advantages of e-books. A writer can release a single short story or essay, for example. And there appears to be a market for this kind of short-form, electronic publication. In addition, e-books allow writers to get exposure for their work without being subject to the whim of publishers, who can sometimes be quite fickle.  There is also the convenience factor. When traveling, it’s much easier to load an e-reader with three books than it is to carry along three paperbacks.

So what is my verdict? Mixed. I prefer the experience of reading a book, but I admit that e-books offer several important advantages. What about you – which do you prefer?



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Rose Becke
Rose Beckeabout a year ago

I am the same Darren

Catherine A.
Catherine A.about a year ago

The quality of your blogs and conjointly the articles and price appreciating. Sociology Ebooks

Nimue P.

Real books all the way, all 1000 of them :)

Sharon Wood
Sharon Wood2 years ago

I like real books as well as ebooks.

Ivana Brekalo
Ivana Brekalo2 years ago

real books

Vicky B.
Vicky B2 years ago

Paper back books all the way! I am a HUGE book over even as a little girI. I too see the advantages of e-books, taking them on holiday so you can take more titles and all round easy access whilst travelling en route and most importantly, cutting down on paper with is great for the environment. But I love holding a book in my hand, taking it around in my handbag with me, buying silly bookmarks and physically going to a bookshop or a library to take my time to browse and picking out a book, depending on my mood that day. It is sad to see bookshops and libraries slowing disappear from our high streets. I have an e-reader but I don't use it as much as I read paperback books. I would love to own a huge oak bookshelf that I could keep my favourites on. Thank you for sharing this article.

Jess No Fwd Plz K.
Jessica K2 years ago

I write short stories using electronic format, and it seems to be a good way to market them, but novels and book-length things seem to go better on hard copy. It would be nice if hemp paper became more available so tress wouldn't have to be used for them, but otherwise I do prefer holding a book to staring at a screen, I do that enough by writing and social media. Thanks.

tin leng lim
tin leng lim3 years ago

It makes me think back when I was still a students I always went to the library to borrow paperback novels and stories books.

Michael H.
Mike H3 years ago

Have't tried e books yet

Michael H.
Mike H3 years ago

Have't tried e books yet