Paralyzed Cat Learns to Swim (Video)

After Mog’s front legs became paralyzed when he was hit by a car, experts said he would never walk again. But, with the help of some hydrotherapy, this determined feline is on track to prove them wrong!


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Deborah D.
Deborah D.4 years ago

There are two other neurological kitties who are making some awesome progress with physical therapy and complementary treatments.

Moki Fogg -
Email :
Website :

and Tiny Timmy -
Website :

both of them have Facebook pages as well...amazing work

Isabelle J.
Isabelle J.4 years ago


MsMay B.
Mary Berkenkamp4 years ago

thanks for this story wish this lovely kitty a fast recovery. ty for helping him.

Alexandra B.
Alexandra B.4 years ago

This woman is the best kind of person.
Those who are so kind to animals are also kind to other human beings.
God bless!
And may this cat have a fast recovery.

Miss N.
Past Member 4 years ago

Great story! Thank you for sharing

tetyana polischuk

That touched my heart! Thank you for taking care of the cat, and God bless you for your efforts! This cat deserves to walk again! (I just hope the water is warm in the pool!) :)

Macy Karasik
Macy K.4 years ago

That touched my heart! Great video, and adorable cat. If Mog will be okay with his hydrotherapy, then humans should all be too!

Shalvah Landy
Past Member 4 years ago

This story really warmed my heart! The care of the human for the cat. I'm sending this to a friend of mine who is a hydro therapist who also loves cats, I'm sure she'll enjoy this!

Marie W.
Marie W.4 years ago

Cats and hydrotherapy- unusual combination.

Ana P Martinez
Ana Martinez4 years ago

Beautiful & inspiring story!