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Penn State Scandal: Can You Imagine?

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Penn State Scandal: Can You Imagine?

There is a child sex abuse scandal at Penn State and people have taken to the streets to celebrate (again).

Seriously, people? Is this really the best we have in us? Let’s start with some basics:

Child – Human beings, around middle school age, in this case boys. Young boys.
Sex Abuse – Rape. Rape. Rape.
Scandal - People knew about boys being raped and didn’t report it to police.
Celebrate – People took to the streets to initially support, and later protest the firing of those involved in said scandal.

There are a couple of ways we can go about this. First, you could read the piece I wrote about the way people celebrated the murder of Osama bin Laden.  Or, you could read the first six lines of this piece, over and over again, until it sinks in. Then, if the gross inhumanity isn’t enough to bring you to your knees, then walk with me for a moment. Allow me to tell you a story.

Think of a boy, around middle school age, in your own life. It can be your son, a nephew, or grandson. It can be a neighbor kid or a co-worker’s son. It can even be you when you were a boy, or your partner, or your father. Just pick someone, any one of the males in your life, and hold an image of him at about 10-years old in your mind. I want you to really step into this… find that boy in your mind’s eye and bring him close to you.

How tall is he? 
How much does he weigh? 
What does he look like?

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Christy Diane Farr

Christy Diane Farr is a catalyst. If that sounds like something you want more of in your life, visit 'The Greenhouse' at and join the Wildflower Evolution on Facebook.


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9:18AM PST on Dec 24, 2011

I didn't know anything about this, it is now that I've started reading about the whole thing, I am just horrified, I feel for the victims and all they have gone through, but what scares me most is to think that there were people supporting these criminals. If you support this you agree with sexual abuse, I can't see why anyone on earth would agree with that.

1:40PM PST on Nov 15, 2011

This was really a great read....The thing that hurts the most is that people dont react the way they should unless it happens to them......I could only imagine the pain these boys are facing:(

2:11AM PST on Nov 15, 2011

I'm guessing most of the people who walks out on the street to "defend" their idol forgot to think. I mean it, though I'm not trying to offend anybody now.

They are moved by emotions- first of some kind of false love(love is both sides)/admiration that gives them some purpose in life and kind of unity with others who share their fascination which gives them strength. Because both of those feelings- sense of purpose and belonging are essential to most of people they need to deny the truth for their own sake and that's why they are lacking of empathy for the victim.

That's why I really don't want to judge those people, but hope they would soon find themselves real purpose in life- like fighting those who abuse others and will wake up of their denial to the truth.
Because there are no idols worth of living in lie...

8:22PM PST on Nov 14, 2011

THANK YOU!! We need more people speaking for the victims - not the predators!

5:04PM PST on Nov 14, 2011

When did organized sports become like a cult where the coach is the high priest who can do no wrong? A similar thing happened here in Canada, when a hockey coach molested the boys he was supposed to be teaching. Thank goodness one of them finally went public and helped stop this!

9:44AM PST on Nov 14, 2011

I don't think it needs 4 pages of your article to convince people that this is a 'heinous' crime! If it does, then there's something terribly wrong with the humans on this planet?!!!
The people who rioted in support of this supposedly "fabulous" coach, who ruined so many young lives by his silence and inaction should themselves be severely punished.

9:38AM PST on Nov 14, 2011

To me this whole sports thing has gotten sicker and sicker for our society. We, as a society, are absorbed in sports, the coaches and players are the gods. Of course, people are in disbelief, their beloved gods are not who they think they are. Just look at Tiger Woods. Having had a son who was molested and seeing the after affects for years and years. I think, we are failing as a society. The support and focus should be for the victims.This is not "One nation under God" any more. We are a fractured nation with many personality disorders. Wake up people!

3:20AM PST on Nov 14, 2011

Moving article.
Denial is a very strong motor: Most of us try to protect ourselves from what we can not stand. Many abuse victims hide what happens because they can't believe it is happening, they are scared or ashamed, they might even think they deserve it, or they simply think no one will believe them or that they may be held resposnible. Many of them try to go on living without really confronting what's happened to them, at least not immediately. That's a kind of denial.
Other people can not stand having their idols or way of life shaken. So they act deaf when the victims speak up against their sport heros, husbands etc... That's another kind of denial.

I find very sad that, often, victims feel so isolated for a long time.
I find it sad in a different way (not a postitive one) that somepeople's life is so empty that they must excuse their idols even under such horrid circumstances.

9:32AM PST on Nov 13, 2011

What worries me is the fact the assistant coach saw the act happening and did nothing to stop it. Events like this and others make me worry if something were to happen to me or anyone I cared about in public would any one help? What is happening to our society? Where is the care and concern for others? How could this person not stop a rape of a child that was happening right in front of him? Why did this take so long to come out? What can we do to prevent this horrors from continuing?

1:09PM PST on Nov 12, 2011

What is really sick and disgusting are all the people who are defending the head coach.

To those idiots I say to them: Invent a time machine, go back to Penn State when you were 12-13 yrs old and have another coach molest you, in full knowledge of the head coach.

Then let's see if you are still willing to defend the him and his staff...

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