Perfectly Natural Hostess Gifts

Here are our favorite offerings to bring along to a party or visit. We include lots of inexpensive make-it-yourself recipes for everything from luscious body butter to your own holiday potpourri, as well as some great items to buy that you may not have thought of.

Food Gifts:

Savory Almonds

Annie’s Famous Chocolate Truffles

A box of incredible artisanal dark chocolates (order online at Oliver Kita for a heavenly chocolate experience)

Olive oil infused with fresh rosemary in a pretty bottle

Hot mulled cider mix with 2 mugs

A bottle of organic wine

Other Goodies

Homemade beeswax candle in a pretty container

Potpourri: see these three potpourri formulas

Four Christmas Incense Formulas

Narcissus bulbs in a pot or a plant in a pretty container tied with raffia

Spa Basket: loofah, handmade soap, formulas from channels: homemade lip balm, Beautiful Body Butter, beeswax tealight

Homemade Bath Salts in a glass apothecary jar

Homemade smudge in an abalone shell or pretty ashtray (See Use Smudging to Clear Your Home)

By Annie B. Bond


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These are very nice ideas. I like the fact that these gifts are "consumable", meaning they can be eaten or otherwise used by the recipient.

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~I can hardly wait to make my own potpourri!~Alot of great ideas!~

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