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Body Image

Why I’m Damn Happy to Be Middle-Aged

So, I hear Julia Roberts doesn't plan to get plastic surgery. I know this because it made the news. Imagine that. A woman in her 40s has chosen not to have plastic surgery and it makes the news. I …


The Person You’re Most Jealous of on Facebook

Weíve all done it: the scrolling through photos on Facebook and making some comparisons between what we see online and what we see in the mirror. Thereís the ultra-thin friend who, even after three …


4 Myths About Self-Love, Busted

We hear a lot these days about self-love. For the most part, this is fantastic. A lot of us have been made to feel like thereís something about us thatís not good enough, so the fact that there is a g…


Why Food is NOT the Enemy

Is it just me, or does it sometimes seem like the mainstream diet and fitness culture is out to scare us skinny? It presents food as nothing more than fuel by promoting a calories-in-versus-calories-b…


New Ad Shows That Sexiness Goes Beyond Size

Lane Bryant's new ad showcases curvy, full-figured women in lingerie re-defining sexy. reported the new video took a jab at Victoria Secret's fall 2014 ad that touted one very specific b…


What’s Better: Cardio Or Weights? Here’s What I’ve Learned Doing Both.

For a large part of my life, I've been†a runner. For the past nine months, though, I haven't run a single mile. Not because I chose to, however. In July 2014, my physical therapist suspected I had tor…


3 Activities That Help You Love Your Body

Thereís a lot of talk these days about improving body image,†and thatís a good thing! For too long, many of us have foregone a healthy relationship with our bodies in favor of punishing workouts and e…


Honest Account of Obese Woman’s Journey of Self-Love

I spent my whole life not being noticed ó so when I finally was, I didn't know how to feel. As an obese woman, Iím used to being the butt of jokes. "Nice ass!" Iíll hear walking down the street in my…


The Natural Breast Cancer Breakthrough

Good news for sufferers of breast cancer and anyone looking to prevent the disease. Researchers may add medicinal mushrooms to the list of valuable cancer therapies, particularly when it comes to brea…


How Phthalates Affect Your Sex Life (& How to Avoid Them)

"Not tonight, honey, I've had too many toxins!" Iím betting that when you consider the factors affecting your interest in sex you probably donít consider toxic exposures. But new research presented…


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