Pet Aggression: 7 Holistic Solutions

Dogs and cats with dominant personalities will sometimes use aggression to get their way, and with their sharp claws and strong jaws, they can do considerable damage in a very short time. Thatís why aggression is such a serious problem.

While a call to your vet for help or referral to somebody that works with behavioral problems is advised, here are seven natural solutions recommended by top holistic practitioners that may take the edge off your petís anger and make him happier and more secure.

1. Use scent to restore their sense. Pets can get so wound up because of anxiety or other strong emotions that they lost all common sense. Treating them with aromatherapy may help to reset their brains. Try placing three drops of essential oil of bergamot on a bandanna and tying it around your petís neck. The scent will stay active for four to six hours. You can repeat the treatment once a day until the aggression starts to fade.

2. Balance his emotions. A mixture of flower remedies called Bach Rescue Remedy soothes pets very quickly and helps calm negative emotions. Drip two to four drops directly on your petís gums two to four times a day or before a stressful event, or three times a day when traveling. Or squirt a dropper of the remedy on his food.

3. Adjust his attitude with magnets. Aggressive behavior can sometimes be eliminated by using a magnet to alter the brainís electromagnetic field. Hold the north pole of the magnet against your petís forehead for about 20 minutes, once a day while you are watching TV or reading, for example. You can get healing magnets from holistic veterinarians and some pet supply catalogs.

4. Touch away aggression. Dogs and cats that are acting aggressively may get calmer and more relaxed if you trace circles with your fingertips on their ears, mouth, and tail for a few minutes each day. Be prepared to back off if it doesnít seem to be working.

5. Heal with the heart. Angry, aggressive pets are often insecure pets. Discard all your worries for a moment and let your mind and body fill with love. Then move your hands over your pet where it feels right, stroking from the head toward the tail. Dogs and cats have enormous powers of intuition, and they will sense and be affected by the strength of your emotions.

6. Ease his mind. Dogs and cats can sense when you are upset, and their concern may come out as aggressive behavior. Let your pet know what you are going through. Say out loud, ďIím upset, but itís not your fault.Ē Just talk things out.

7. Help them to blow off some steam. Some pets get aggressive because they have too much energy and not enough to do. You can often curb early signs of pet aggression simply by wearing out your pet. Go for longer walks, or better yet, jogs, as long as your dog is fit enough. Get your cat running with a game of chase-the-string. Run in circles. Throw a ball. As long as you get your pet moving for at least 20 minutes a few times a day, he will be sufficiently tired and wonít feel like causing trouble.

Adapted from New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, by Amy D. Shojai and the editors of Prevention Pets (Rodale Press, 1999). Copyright (c) 1999 by Amy Shojai. Reprinted by permission of Rodale Press.
Adapted from New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, by Amy D. Shojai and the editors of Prevention Pets (Rodale Press, 1999).


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Nice tips, thanks.

Laura mendez velazquez

No sé hasta dónde estos consejos puedan ser útiles en determinados casos... pero indudablemente sacarlos a caminar, a pasear, a hacer ejercicio, aparte de que resulta entretenido, agradable, relajante, también sirve para estrechar los lazos con el/los perros. En la ciudad de México, la gente evita a "toda costa" caminar! No creo exista mayor placer que caminar.... y además, caminar con tus seres amados!. Gracias por estos tips, definitivamente los tomaré en cuenta!

Roz J.
Roz J.5 years ago

a heartbreaking story: I put my cat to sleep this week. She became more aggressive -scratching hard for no reason, and finally out of nowhere she attacked me in my bed biting and scratching my left arm...I have stage 4 breast cancer and my left arm is in danger of developing a serious condition -lymphodermia if I receive any kind of wound. Vet diagnosed her as bi-polar and convinced me she would only get worse and I was doing her a favor to put her to sleep. He said "Don't think she didn't feel bad for hurting you." I know this was true because I could sense her sadness after the incident. Besides her bad behavior, she was the greatest cat I ever had..and at age 70 I have had many wonderful pets....This has made me very sad and depressed and I am hesitant to get another cat because deep down I feel I failed her..and lurking in the back of my mind is the idea that maybe I could have looked further for other options before I chose to take the vet's advice..but I admit that I had become afraid of that personality that was surfacing more and more often....Words cannot convey how much I'm grieving over if I'd lost a child...

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Loretta K.
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I'll try some of these on one of our kitties- he tends to be aggressive with our other kitty- especially over food.

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