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Pet Health

How Often Do I Need to Walk My Dog?

As a veterinarian, I hear from lots of people who worry that they’re not being good dog owners if they don’t do certain things or don't do them frequently enough. One of their bigger concerns is the a…


Petco Pulls Chinese-Made Dog and Cat Treats From Shelves

Following through on a promise it made in May, Petco has removed dog and cat treats made in China from all 1,300 of its stores over concerns that they’re linked to the deaths of 1,000 dogs and sicknes…


What to Know When Taking Dogs to the Snow

Most dogs — especially Nordic breeds like huskies or retrievers — love to play in the snow. Like children, dogs will be attracted to playing in surroundings that are new, unique or interesting. They’r…


Best and Worst High-Tech Pet Gadgets of 2014

If you are a pet parent, by now you are probably aware that high-tech gadgets are not only for the 2-leggeds in your family. Our dogs and cats can also benefit from modern technology. On the other paw…


6 Holiday Foods Dangerous for Pets

'Tis the season to partake in lots of food and drink we may not keep around the house any other time of year. You know what we're talking about: baked goods, alcohol, chocolates, candies and more. And…


Dangers of Laundry Detergent Pods to Pets

Laundry detergent pods (single-use laundry packs) have been in the news recently for causing poisonings in children who, attracted by the bright, candylike packaging, ingest them. These pods have surg…


Are You Treating Your Old Dog Like an “Old Dog?”

If your dog is in his “senior years,” he'll have special needs. Like people, old dogs want to be treated with dignity and respect when they get old. It’s no secret that older dogs will undergo physica…


How to Pet-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Winter holidays are especially exciting, with all the sparkly lights and streamers, delicate ornaments and brightly colored garland, and don’t get us started on the candies and treats! All of these th…


Your Guide to Cat Treats vs. Cat Poison (Infographic)

Who doesn't love giving their beloved pet a tasty treat? All pet owners do, but a kindhearted reward can easily make your pet ill. Check out this comprehensive list of which cat treats are healthy, an…


A Vet’s View of Home Euthanasia for Pets

Nobody says, "I hope I die in a hospital bed in the ICU in a lot of pain." If you were to query your friends, most people would probably say, "I hope I die at home in my sleep." (In fact, according to…


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