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Pet Health

Top 3 Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats

Your dog or cat may be curious about the pumpkins sitting on your front porch. It's already Halloween, and your pumpkin may be beautifully carved, but might also be collecting bacteria. While it's bes…


Is It Safe for My Pet to Lick Lotion?

Why does my dog lick me after I apply lotion? It's a†common question veterinarians are asked. Many dogs and cats appear to like the taste of lotions (especially if the lotions are infused with en…


‘Ebola Dog’ in Spain To Be Euthanized By Court Order

"No good deed goes unpunished" seems to be the maxim that best describes the case of Teresa Romeo. The selfless Spanish nurse helped care for two countrymen as they were dying of Ebola, only to contra…


7 Things Pet Owners Do That Drive Vets Crazy

Itís a tough subject to tackle. After all, veterinarians do plenty of annoying things, too. But this particular post is all about you ó well, not you, but the annoying yous among you. Not that most …


The Pet Obesity Epidemic

Ever found yourself offering treats†to your furred loved ones against your better judgment? If youíre like most of us, you have. So many of us are doing this, in fact, that our pets are likelier to …


Why Electronic Dog Fences Fail You & Your Pet

Some dog owners have considered using electronic dog fences to keep dogs confined in front yards or unfenced backyards. But fences like these have a number of drawbacks that are both inhumane to the a…


5 Secrets to a Happier Pet

Everyone needs appropriate opportunities to release stress, expend energy and give boredom the boot. That includes people, dogs, cats and, yes, even rabbits and ferrets. Such actions offer physical a…


What’s Really in My Pet’s Food?

Here's something to chew on: According to research conducted by Euromonitor and the American Pet Products Association, worldwide sales of dog and cat food have climbed to $52 billion dollars, with nea…


What to Do If You See a Dog Locked in a Hot Car

Most animal lovers know itís not safe to leave a pet in the car when it is warm outside. When itís 80 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 99 degrees in just 10 minutes, according…


5 Common Dog Tooth Problems

Your dog's happy, carefree life should be unbothered by dental concerns, right? Think again. Vets say 85 percent of canines over age 4 have some form of gum disease. Other frequent problems include cr…


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