Pets Beat Facebook for Social Life

Social media is an innate part of most peopleís lives these days. But if you ask pet owners, their social lives are far more enriched by their animals. According to a new study, nearly half of pet owners in the U.S. think their furry friends are better for their social lives than any social networking account they may have.

But donít think that this survey is about a bunch of technology-averse seniors, grumpy about the Internet while coddling their kitties.

The study of pet owners, conducted by consumer and media intelligence company Mintel, found that 16 percent of pet owners are interested in technologies that might improve their relationships with their pets. Also, 17 percent stated they would like to get pet-related offers on their telephones.

While they may rather pet their dogs or cats than stay glued to their Facebook page, that doesn’t mean pet owners are looking to abandon Facebook. Gabi Lieberman, a social media analyst at Mintel, said that while pet shop owners used to be the main source of information for pet owners to learn how to care for their animals, social media has taken over as the primary means for them to share and research their pet-related issues.

Some pet owners even want to use social media to turn their their pets into celebrities. In some cases, it’s worked. Word has it that Grumpy Cat has a movie deal.

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Well der, or is that durrr? Interacting with a hard cold distant computer as opposed to a soft warm local animal? What have we become that this is even 'news' - it is NOT!

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