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Animal Rights

Care2 Members Plead: Stop the Horrific Practice of Abusing Live Animals to Train Greyhounds

This has to be one of the worst cases of animal abuse I've heard about in a very long time. Greyhound dogs are being trained to race by dangling small live animals, like kittens, piglets, rabbits, and…


The Trouble with Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are a relatively new thing to dog breeding. We're not talking 'new' within the past few years, but if you compare these dogs to the thousands of years we've had dogs as companion animals…


Sex Offender Gets Up to 44 Years in Prison for Stabbing Police Dog

Early last year, I wrote about the fatal stabbing of an 8-year-old beloved Police Dog, Rocco. John L. Rush, a convicted sex offender, †stabbed Rocco during an attempted arrest by the police. He also i…


Ringling Brothers Finally Free Elephants from Abusive Circus Acts

No more elephants in chains. No more sharp bullhooks to coax them to perform tricks. Thatís been the battle cry of animal rights groups across the country. And after years of pressure from such groups…


Are Pets Who Live With Homeless People at a Disadvantage?

In the coastal town where I live, Half Moon Bay, I seem to be encountering more homeless men recently living on the streets with their dogs. I've enjoyed interesting conversations with them while g…


Daily Cute: Baby Budi Climbing on Enrichment Playground

What's cuter than baby orangutans in diapers? Baby Budi climbing up his enrichment play structure to find some yummy fruit, strategically hidden by caregivers. Nothing is cuter than Baby Budi in a…


Craigslist, Help Stop Animal Abuse!

I cringed when I saw this ad recently on Craigslist: "Selling my black and white Siberian Husky. He is outgoing, energetic, and has a great personality, he is also neutered. Unfortunately I am moving…


Primates of the Caribbean? Stop Animal Abuse on Set, Say Care2 Members

Monkeys belong in trees, not on pirate ships. That's the message over 35,000 Care2 fans are sending to Jerry Bruckheimer Films as the company prepares to start shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 5 i…


8 Scariest Facts About Seafood

Swordfish with a side of dead marine mammals? Shrimp with a little slave labor on top? A Sprinkling of a illegal poaching and habitat degradation over your caviar? There's a whole lot of scary stuff t…


The Best Buckwheat Pancakes You’ve Ever Had! Vegan and Gluten-Free.

I love pancakes. In fact, they are one of my favorite breakfast foods. So when I went vegan and then gluten free I tried a number of store-bought pancake mixes. But none of them gave me that fluffy de…


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I never realized how toxic cremation is. This is a really intriguing option to me. Thank you!!!

seaweed IS real food stardust. maybe you're just so used to big macs and greasy french fries to not…

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