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Working on Home Improvement Projects? 7 Pet Hazards to Look Out For

Spring is in the air and so are the scent of paint fumes and the buzz of power tools. Warmer weather encourages many home and apartment dwellers to spruce up their abodes with a little project or two.…


Cats Forget to Put Tongues Back in Their Mouths (Video)

Cats are not known for being slobbery goofballs like their canine counterparts. That's why it looks pretty silly when a cat not only sticks his or her tongue out, but then forgets about it! Relat…


5 Sneaky Ways to Keep Dogs and Cats Slim

According to the latest veterinary surveys, more than half of our nationís dogs and cats are overweight. This means almost 90 million pets are at a higher risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, hear…


8 Simple Tips to Help Relieve Pet Allergies (Video)

Want to reduce the pet allergens in your home? Whether you're hosting family or friends with pet dander allergies or just really want to deep clean your house, check out our video for eight tips that …


Daily Cute: Funny Dogs Annoying Cats

Usually, cats wear the pants in the family. But, oh how the tables have turned! Watch this hilarious compilation of dogs that simply refuse to bow down to felines. These dogs are ready to play, and …


12 DIY Tasks This Vet Says You Can Do at Home

As a rule, we veterinarians arenít big on the DIY approach to animal health care. Weíve known too many pets who suffered the wrath of makeshift splints, botched wart removals, backwoods tail-docking m…


Daily Cute: German Shepherd and Cat Are in Love

This cat and dog relationship caught on tape is one of the most feel-good moments we've seen in a long time. Watch this motherly german shepherd give his content cat friend a bath and a hug. Rela…


6 Pet Health Myths You May Have Fallen For

Like that old game of telephone, misinformation has a way of getting around ó and around again. Pet care isnít immune to the game. To help clear things up, hereís a list of some of the most popular mi…


Daily Cute: Cute Animals Waking Each Other Up

When one pet wants to nap and the other wants to play, who do you think wins? We can say one thing: these are the cutest alarm clocks we've ever seen! Related 7 Surprising Ways to Use Pet Hair …


5 Ways to Turn Your Kitty Into a Lap Cat

Lap cats are born not made. True? Well, it is true that heredity has a lot to say about a catís personality. Friendly mother cats tend to raise friendly kittens. Weíre not sure, though, if the kitt…


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