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Daily Cute: Monkey Adopts Orphaned Kittens as if They Are Her Own

We know how strong motherly instincts are in the animal kingdom, but we never get tired of seeing a caring animal adopt babies from an entirely different species. Watch this loving monkey take care …


There’s More to Pet Nutrition Than Pet Food

While many pet owners believe that good nutrition for their pet is all about diet, the topic is actually much broader than that. As a veterinary nutritionist, I know that optimal nutrition comprises c…


Most Common Cat Potty Problems Solved

One of the many virtues of owning cats is that taking care of their waste is relatively easy. Unlike dogs, they can go on their own schedule, and there are no walks required. But when Kitty stops usin…


Can Your Depression Affect Your Pet?

“Are my mental-health issues having a negative effect on my dog’s behavior?” I am frequently asked this question by my clients. They want to know if their mental-health disorder is contributing to …


Happy Mother’s Day From Your Pet

Mother's Day is not the easiest of holidays for me. I am childless by choice and have never been called "mom." No human has ever said, "Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you!" But can we be mothers to…


Ticks and Pets: How to Spot, Remove and Avoid Them Altogether

When temperatures rise, pets tend to spend more time outside, either relaxing in the sunshine, taking long walks or playing. While the fresh air and exercise are great for them (and you!), it’s import…


How to Curb 6 Annoying Cat Behaviors

We love our cats unconditionally, sometimes in spite of certain habits that leave us scratched up, bleary-eyed and without presentable furniture. As much as we love them, though, we sometimes wish we …


Daily Cute: Cat’s Rebel Move Might Be the Funniest Thing You See Today

It's hard to stay mad at a cat when you're laughing uncontrollably. Rules don't matter to this kitty, who likes to play mind games with her pet parent. Unfortunately, the scoreboard reads Cat: 1, Pe…


Help Save Animals’ Lives (Without Adopting or Fostering)

They hit the road on weekends, all over the country: Volunteers load their cars with crates, delivering dogs and cats to areas where they’re more likely to find homes. Volunteering to do animal tra…


The Journey Toward a Vaccine Against Melanoma in Dogs

The drive to create a vaccine against melanoma, a serious cancer in dogs, has been going on for years with many successes and failures along the road. In honor of Melanoma Monday, as well as May being…


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I guess I haven't learned too much (not even in 70+years) according to this article because I LOVE c…

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