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Daily Cute: Trying to Eat With a Cat Around

You know the struggle—sitting down on the couch on a Friday night to a well-deserved meal, only to have to fight off your sneaky, sniffing cat. Even when you get their paws off, there's no stopping th…


What It Really Costs to Own a Pet

There is no doubt that being a pet parent brings great joy and fulfillment. But that happiness comes at a cost: From parrots and pythons to Persians and Poodles, every pet has a price tag. Carriers an…


Fire-Survivor Cat Now Nurses Other Animals

Last week I wrote about a Polish cat named Rademense who has an intuitive gift for comforting other animals in need. The staff at the shelter where Rademense now permanently resides refer to him as "t…


Daily Cute: Cats Sliding on Wooden Floors

Clean floors and fuzzy cat paws are often not a good combination. It's hard to pick between one or the other, but luckily some cats seem to enjoy the extra challenge of slippery floors when it comes t…


Daily Cute: Cat Contemplates Life

As one YouTube commentator puts it: "This is like watching a mid 1990's French existentialist film enacted by one cat." This cat could be bored...or he could be contemplating the complexities of exist…


How to Help Your Older Cat Deal With Aging

While humans have to be well into our 60s to achieve senior citizen status, in cats the magic number is debatable, but likely somewhere between 11 and 14. Like humans, cats may experience health and b…


Teaching My Cat to Love My Husband

My husband, Jared, was a cat guy even before we met. He had the world's coolest kitty, Meeko, who I adored right away. Everyone did. And while she didn't exactly become my best buddy immediately, she …


The Truth Behind 5 Common Myths About Cats

Are cats capable of mating with bunnies? Is it true that neutering a Siamese cat will uncross his eyes? Many myths about cats abound, but sometimes it can be hard to distinguish fiction from fact. Her…


Your Cat’s Purr Has Healing Powers

Forget your Rx. Pet your kitty. If you aren't feeling your finest, we definitely recommend resting up and hitting up a pharmacy for a sick kit (cough drops, kleenex, etc.) BUT we're also here to…


Is This My Pet’s Last Birthday?

My beloved senior dog, Sanchez, is turning 12 this week. I am so blessed that he is in good health. When he was 9-years-old, he suffered from a slipped disc in his neck, and it was hard for me to imag…


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