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Daily Cute: Kitten Escapes and Mother Congratulates Him

These two Dollface Persian kitties know no bounds. Instead of letting a gate stop them, Sophie shows her kitten, Joey, how to hop the fence. She rewards his efforts with cuddles and kisses as soon as …


6 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

We humans are always looking for guidance for how to be better, more efficient, more effective, happier and more lovable. Have you ever noticed that cats don’t really seem to care what you think of th…


Tips to Prevent 4 Common Pet Emergencies

It's scary to consider that the unthinkable — poisoning, heatstroke, an attack by another animal — could happen to our beloved pets. But if there were something you could do to lower your pet's chance…


3 Odd Cat Products You Can Actually Buy

It’s no secret that cat owners can get obsessive with their cats. It’s also no secret that the internet is a gold mine for cat video compilations and cat personalities like Grumpy Cat or Lil’ Bulb. …


Daily Cute: Banjo, the Three-Legged Cat

Why does Banjo have three legs? We may never know. But it doesn't seem to bother him at all, so why does it matter? Thanks for reminding us of the power of rising above adversity, Banjo. Check …


Daily Cute: A Quacking Cat

Whenever this sleepy kitty's owner coughs, the cat doesn't meow. Instead, the cat makes sounds closer to a quacking duck than any traditional feline noise. Watch the video to hear how adorable this ca…


Interesting Facts About Your Cat (Infographic)

While your cat may act like one, did you know that "queen" is an actual term for an adult female cat? There are even more special facts to be discovered about the beloved pets. Knowing more informa…


Why Does My Cat Blink Slowly at Me?

Have you ever noticed how a cat will sometimes seem to look at you and then do a “slow blink” and then maybe even look away? You might wonder all sorts of things: Is my cat bored? Is she sleepy? Is sh…


Daily Cute: Puppy Attempts to Reclaim Bed From Cat

We all know trying to reclaim space from a settled cat is a useless endeavor, but this puppy hasn't learned otherwise yet. He's going to put up a good fight, but we all know who's going to win in the …


What Life Is Like With a Cat Who Isn’t Fixed

Have you ever heard the yowling of a female cat in heat or the screams of two males fighting over a female? Believe me, heavy metal bands got nothin’ on them. Neither noise is anything you want to lis…


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