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Everyday Pet Care

5 Kinds of Dogs Who Are Most at Risk for Sun Damage

Planning some fun in the sun with your dog this summer? We're all about having safe fun. That's why we put together this round up to help you know if your dog falls into a category of canines that is …


6 Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Stop Begging

Does your dog sit by the table and whimper at dinner time? Does she stare at you adamantly while you are eating dinner? Do you believe that feeding him some of your food from the table is a way of exp…


Swimming Pool Safety for Dogs

Thousands of dogs drown in backyard swimming pools annually (actual numbers are unknown because most incidents go unreported). The problem is that many dogs can't swim, tire easily when trying to swim…


What It Really Costs to Own a Pet

There is no doubt that being a pet parent brings great joy and fulfillment. But that happiness comes at a cost: From parrots and pythons to Persians and Poodles, every pet has a price tag. Carriers an…


7 Most Common Dog Grooming Questions

In a perfect world, your dog's coat would always be silky, shiny, clean and fresh, and not shed — too much. But his tresses usually don't stay that way on their own. You'll need to put in a little wor…


6 Ways to Comfort Your Senior Dog

My Labrador, Sanchez, just celebrated his 12th birthday. While I am very blessed that he is in very good health, it is not unusual for senior dogs to lose memory, eyesight and experience hearing loss.…


Should I Let My Puppy Sleep in Bed With Me?

Q: We just got a 2-month-old puppy. We are crate training her and know it’s important to teach her that it’s OK to be on her own, so she doesn’t develop separation anxiety. But she’s so cute! We know …


4 Summer Dog Dangers to Avoid

I love summer with my dogs. We go hiking, we fish at the lake and we share quality time around the fire pit. I bet you enjoy doing a lot of the same things with your dogs. But summer can also be a …


Why Does My Rabbit… Not Eat Hay?

Many healthy rabbits will turn up their noses at hay because they are offered excessive amounts of pelleted food. This is because most rabbits prefer pellets to hay. Rabbit pellets are predominantly m…


Apartment Living for Dog Lovers (Infographic)

We love our furry best friends of all breeds and sizes. If you're living in a small space, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a little pet. While some pet parents worry about a larger animal…


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