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Daily Cute: Corgi Surprised By Moving Rock

Turbo is minding his own business in the grass when a moving rock reveals itself to be...well, not a rock. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related Daily Cute: Elephant …


Daily Cute: Elephant Does Yoga

Talk about a lazy day. This elephant's stretching turns to a clumsy yet deliberate slide into the water. If only all yoga classes could end this way. Related Disturbing Number of Whale Strandi…


The Animal Kingdom’s Hardest Working Dads

As we're celebrating our own dads this Father's Day weekend, don't forget that there are plenty of patriarchs in the animal kingdom who deserve to be celebrated, too. Of course, there are some species…


Daily Cute: Cats Who Couldn’t Care Less About Your Paperwork

Why cats choose a pile of paper for a bed over a soft cushion will forever be a mystery. Whether it's taxes or homework your cat decides to block, at least the disturbance makes for a cute and tempora…


Daily Cute: Goats Riding Horses

Apparently humans aren't the only ones who have the urge to ride horses. Goats are also up for a ride, whether it's over snowy ground or just across the farm. The one trouble is—how to get up? div.…


Daily Cute: Does Your Cat Like Hugs?

Cats are notoriously finicky about cuddles and hugs. Some jump into your lap ten seconds before you decide to stand up and others want to stay in your arms all day. All cats need love, just on their o…


Daily Cute: Jurassic Meow!

What movie did this kitty see this weekend? It will be pretty easy to tell as soon as she opens her extremely ferocious mouth. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related D…


Daily Cute: Dogs Licking Windows

We all know dogs are not the smartest of all creatures. But hasn't everyone wondered what a window tasted like before? Maybe not. At least these dogs are courageous enough to answer their own question…


Daily Cute: Cats on Waterbeds

If you're thinking to yourself right now...people still own water beds? That's probably what most of these cats are thinking as well. In addition to, why is this bed wiggling and how can I pounce on i…


Daily Cute: Baby Ducks Learn to Fly

These baby ducks are learning to fly...or fall. Either way, it's all part of the learning process. Good thing mom has lots of patience for all her little ones...especially the last one who needs a lit…


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Funny, this idea of cat ownership, I swear my cats think they own me!

Very cute, thanks.

Wondering why it was ever felt to be a good idea to hold it there. Football is a cool weather game a…