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Less Common Pets

5-Year-Old Sneaks Pet Cow into House, Tries Lying to Mom About It (Video)

A little cow mysteriously ended up in the house. This pet-loving five-year-old obviously has nothing to do with it. Watch her adorable conversation with Mom as she tries to worm her way out of getti…


Tiny Hamster Eats Mini Thanksgiving Feast with Friends (Video)

Happy Thanksgiving! Get in the holiday spirit by watching these furry friends feast on the tiniest Thanksgiving dinner you've ever seen. Related Health Benefits of Having Less Common Pets: Fish,…


Raccoon Hates Cold Weather, Refuses to Leave His Blanket (Video)

Buster was brought to these kind pet parents with severe injuries. They nursed him back to health, but he was too injured to return to the wild. He now obviously lives a very pampered and happy life…


Boston Terrier Snuggles With Guinea Pig (Video)

Oscar the Boston Terrier and 13-week-old Cinnamon Spice the guinea pig enjoy a nice cuddle session. Young Cinnamon even gets a big sloppy kiss from her BFF. By Laura Cross | More…


Parrot Thinks He’s Matthew McConaughey (Video)

We have an impersonator on our hands! Einstein the parrot watched Matthew McConaughey accept his Academy Award, and the actor's acceptance speech really stuck. Click through to the second page if yo…


Good News, Guinea Pig Owners: Less Common Pets Improve Your Health, Too

Recently, James Wathen, a 73-year-old Kentucky man, lay in his hospital bed at death’s door. He had stopped eating and given up. But when nurses reunited him with his one-eyed Chihuahua, Bubba, Wat…


Hedgehog Stuck in a Can Gets Heartwarming Rescue (Video)

This little guy may have never been found if it weren't for this spectacular critter rescue. Watch one of the cutest rodents around survive a near-fatal encounter with litter. Related Hedgehogs …


Vacuum Any Ducks Lately? Apparently They Love It (Video)

This duck is treating vacuum time like a day at the spa. If this is the most effective way to clean your pet duck, and the duck is all for it -- then we can't argue with this strange bath idea. …


Donkey Mooches Off Snuggle Session for Some Pets (Video)

This donkey wants one thing and one thing only: some consistent petting. Don't be fooled by his innocent snuggling. He has a motive. Related Smallest Horse in the World is Too Small Horses Have…


What’s Cuter Than This Duckling? Absolutely Nothing (Video)

This little duckling is very active. Watch him go about his day, turning an ordinary routine into an extraordinary clip of cuteness. Related They Worried This Cat Would Kill Ducklings. Instead, …


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thanks for the heads up. so much to worry about in this world, it's really disconcerting.

yummy ...would love some potato leek soup right now :)

I was surprised by bread and cottage cheese.