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Cows Help Save Seal Pup

Bovines and pinnipeds do not normally go together, but in this story they do. A birdwatcher was scanning the landscape at the Frampton Marsh Nature Preserve in the U.K. when he spotted a herd of a doz…


Daily Cute: Corgi Puppy Faces the Stairs

Stairs can certainly be daunting to us humans after a tough workout, but imagine if each step was as big as you are. That's what this tiny Corgi puppy is facing when he attempts to go down the stairs.…


6 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

We humans are always looking for guidance for how to be better, more efficient, more effective, happier and more lovable. Have you ever noticed that cats don’t really seem to care what you think of th…


Daily Cute: Dog Complains About Performing Tricks

This sassy Newfoundland dog, Sebastien, argues with his owner about performing a few tricks. Who knew that complaining could be so adorable? Check back daily for more adorable animal videos.…


Are Large Dogs Better Behaved than Small Ones?

Most of the dogs I've had in my adult years have been of the large breed, Labradors and Goldens. But, when I was in graduate school, I adopted Yodel, a dog who weighed  less than 10 pounds. Yodel was …


Tips to Prevent 4 Common Pet Emergencies

It's scary to consider that the unthinkable — poisoning, heatstroke, an attack by another animal — could happen to our beloved pets. But if there were something you could do to lower your pet's chance…


Daily Cute: Lost Dogs Who Found Their Way Home

Some of these dogs were missing for months, some for years. No matter how long the time spent away from home, these dogs are welcomed back with open arms and lots of tears. Check back daily for…


3 Odd Cat Products You Can Actually Buy

It’s no secret that cat owners can get obsessive with their cats. It’s also no secret that the internet is a gold mine for cat video compilations and cat personalities like Grumpy Cat or Lil’ Bulb. …


Daily Cute: Dog Hilariously Obsessed with Popping Bubbles

Dogs are definitely playful companions, but some of them are quirky too. This two-year-old Border Collie/Shetland Sheepdog Marley absolutely loves popping bubbles and won't stop until he gets each one…


Hugging Pups on Death Row Saved At The 11th Hour

Two hours and six minutes. This was the time it took for a photograph of two dogs forlornly hugging each other on death row at an Atlanta shelter to circulate on social media and trigger action that w…


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