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Veterinarian Rescues Blind, Dying Deer (Video)

The bond between this injured and abandoned deer and her adoptive family is simply wonderful. Here is an amazing instance of animals saving humans and humans saving animals at the same time. Watch…


This Dog and Baby Are Twins. No, Really

Zoey and Jasper are nearly identical. Well, at least they share awesome outfits, friendship and adorable faces. Below is the amazing photo project Zoey and Jasper's mom made to showcase the relationsh…


Cat Expresses How We Really Feel About Musical Greeting Cards (Video)

That moment when you open a seemingly innocent holiday card and then leap out of your seat because "Stand By Me" decides to threaten you with the element of surprise. This cat isn't putting up w…


Do Your Pets Communicate For Each Other?

My Yellow Labrador, Sanchez, is approaching 11 years of age. On rare occasion, he needs to go outside in the middle of the night to relieve. But, instead of barking or climbing the stairs to my bedroo…


Brilliant Cute Animal Compilation (Video)

EIF - CUTE ANIMAL (web) from Cinefamily on Vimeo. This cute animal compilation is amazing. Why? It's an old preview for the Cute Animal Film Fest, which took place last summer. Here's a glimpse of w…


9 Ways Animal Friends Make Us Better Humans

I often say that my cat is the coolest person I know. Whether I'm happy or sad, angry or depressed, she's always there and always responds with unconditional love. She also makes sure I don't spend to…


Cats & Dogs Meet Babies for the First Time (Video)

The best scene? When a cat lovingly licks a baby's head. Watch for yourself--in this video where dogs, cats and babies live in perfect cute harmony. Related 8 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Kids …


Kitten Wants to Play With Videos of Herself Playing (Video)

Remember yesterday's video of this kitten snoozing with dalmations? Well, she watched that video, too. And she wanted to join in the fun! Watch this kitten playfully watch videos of herself and try …


6-Week-Old Kitten Falls Asleep With Giant Dalmatian Friends

The gentle nap time of this kitten and his friendly companions will make you feel great, even on your worst day. Sometimes, we all just need to hit the snooze button. And being lazy with some great …


Rescue Dog Is Elected Mayor of Colorado Town

It was a tight mayoral race. Just a few weeks ago, Buster the Cat, was in the lead by 300 votes. But at the 11th hour, supporters of Pa Kettle, the Search and Rescue Bloodhound, pulled out all the sto…


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