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Daily Cute: Dog Joins Children on Merry-Go-Round

This pup tried out something bizarre: he joined the kids on their merry-go-round. With his smile on, his tongue out, and his body at ease, he looks like a natural! Watch this dog master play time li…


What to Do If You Find a Stranded Sea Lion Pup

The number of sea lion strandings in California has reached a record high of 2,250 so far this year. That means that if youíre living or traveling along the stateís coastline, thereís a much greater c…


What Kind of Music Do Cats Like? (Probably Not What You’re Listening To)

Animal shelters, zoos and primate centers are increasingly playing music for their animal inhabitants. While some animals, like dogs may find music soothing, particularly classical, a recent study rev…


Working on Home Improvement Projects? 7 Pet Hazards to Look Out For

Spring is in the air and so are the scent of paint fumes and the buzz of power tools. Warmer weather encourages many home and apartment dwellers to spruce up their abodes with a little project or two.…


Daily Cute: German Shepherd Sings

Ok, so we're not entirely sure if this dog is singing or protesting. Not all pet parents have the best singing voice! Watch this pup join in every time his pet parent starts to sing a tune. Relat…


Cats Forget to Put Tongues Back in Their Mouths (Video)

Cats are not known for being slobbery goofballs like their canine counterparts. That's why it looks pretty silly when a cat not only sticks his or her tongue out, but then forgets about it! Relat…


5 Sneaky Ways to Keep Dogs and Cats Slim

According to the latest veterinary surveys, more than half of our nationís dogs and cats are overweight. This means almost 90 million pets are at a higher risk for developing arthritis, diabetes, hear…


Abused Cow Adopted by the Dog Community (Video)

Milkshake the bovine cow was removed from an abusive owner by a California rescue organization. Milkshake hadn't had much contact with cows before her rescue. So, she's doing the only logical thing:…


Huge Carnivorous Nile Lizards Invade Florida

Roaming Florida in increasing numbers, the massive carnivorous†Nile monitor lizard is making sensational headlines across the nation: 8-foot Carnivorous Cat-Eating Lizards are Invading Florida Car…


8 Simple Tips to Help Relieve Pet Allergies (Video)

Want to reduce the pet allergens in your home? Whether you're hosting family or friends with pet dander allergies or just really want to deep clean your house, check out our video for eight tips that …


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