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Pet Health

Man Turns Hobby Into Fundraiser For Dog With Cancer

About ten months ago, Shaun Mitchell of Utah heard devastating news from his vet: "your dog, Charlie, has cancer."  Mitchell's response was "you've got to be kidding me; there's no way!" Then, he s…


Top 5 Safest Toys for Your Senior Dog

Just because you pup is older, doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t want to play!  Older dogs need the mental stimulation and exercise that comes from safe active play. It's easy to let exercise slide once …


A Cat’s Letter to His Human: How to Love Your Cat

Editor’s note: In this tongue-in-cheek letter from your favorite feline, Cat Mastery author Dr. Tony Buffington envisions some of the ways we can help make our feline companions feel truly at home and…


What You Need to Know About Dog Parks

Dog parks are springing up almost everywhere these days. They’re great for letting your dog socialize and exercise. After a busy day at a dog park, most dogs will be so mentally and physically exhaust…


Never Feed Your Cat These 6 Human Foods

Although it can be aggravating to an owner, the fact that cats are often branded finicky could be a good thing, especially when it comes to certain dangerous foods. Some "people food" is safe for c…


5 Pet First Aid Tricks You Can Do At Home

I've had dogs most of my life. For some reason, the emergency vet visits almost always happen after business hours. The last one was at 7 PM on a Friday night, and I was very glad I had my local Veter…


Am I a Bad Pet Owner If I Don’t Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

No pet owner is perfect, not even us professionals. We might skip playtime or serve meals late or not train our animals as thoroughly as we could. Admit it: You know you could do a better job of trimm…


Why Heartworm Prevention Matters

My parents have always been dog owners, from before I was born until today. Since my childhood they have had four dogs of various breeds. Each one has lived a long and full life, some even making it t…


6 Superfoods for Your Dog

Superfoods, which are foods packed with nutrients, aren’t just for humans. Your dog can get great benefits from these nutrient powerhouses, including disease prevention, increased energy, and better o…


Why You Should Save Your Pet from Thirdhand Smoke

We all know of the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke, but do you know about the dangers of thirdhand smoke? Sometimes known as ETS (environmental tobacco smoke), when residue from smoke remains…


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