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The New Pet Gadget That Can Improve Your Dog’s Well Being

Yep, they’re here, and like Fitbit fitness monitors for people, these pooch monitors are designed to track the physical activity of your active or inactive dog. The new canine monitors will soon be as…


The Worst Pet Advice (Video)

The Internet is full of awful pet advice. Here, we humbly present — in the style of Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets — just a small sampling of actual bad advice found on the Web. If you…


5 Pet First Aid Tricks You Can Do At Home

I've had dogs most of my life. For some reason, the emergency vet visits almost always happen after business hours. The last one was at 7 PM on a Friday night, and I was very glad I had my local Veter…


5 Signs Your Cat May Revolt Against the Litter Box

I relish thinking outside the box and love other people who do, too. But when my cat thinks outside his box - the litter box that is - I am less than pleased. I am obviously not the only cat-owning hu…


Dog Gets 3D Printed Legs And Runs For First Time in Life

Derby, a handsome husky with incredible charm, was born with severely underdeveloped front legs. His first family couldn't take care of him, so he was handed over to Peace and Paws, a dog rescue group…


Are You Treating Your Old Dog Like an “Old Dog?”

If your dog is in his “senior years,” he'll have special needs. Like people, old dogs want to be treated with dignity and respect when they get old. It’s no secret that older dogs will undergo physica…


Bulldog Puppy Brings New Life to Dog With Cancer

In 2012, Stacey Brill adopted her 7-year-old Bulldog, Jordy, from a breed rescue. The good-natured dog has since passed AKC's Canine Good Citizen test and earned his therapy certification. But, last…


The 7 Most Important Reasons to Avoid GMOs

"GMO" stands for genetically modified organisms. Some people also call them genetically engineered organisms. Either way, GMOs are foods whose genetic make-up has been re-engineered, altered or modifi…


Is It Safe for My Pet to Lick Lotion?

Why does my dog lick me after I apply lotion? It's a common question veterinarians are asked. Many dogs and cats appear to like the taste of lotions (especially if the lotions are infused with en…


Breaking Up a Dog Fight—Don’t Panic!

It happens suddenly. You’re taking your dog for a walk in the park when he sees a dog that he regards as a threat to you or your child. And he attacks. Or vice-versa: your dog is suddenly attacked by …


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He has been well and thoroughly marked as this kitty's property. I wonder if Hali's friend who ad…