Plan an Herb Garden for Next Spring

While savory fall dishes like sage stuffing and rosemary roasted vegetables are on your mind, you may be thinking of herbs—and now’s a great time to plan what you want to grow in next year’s herb garden.

The article Use One of These 4 Simple Designs to Grow the 12 Best Kitchen Herbs is sure to inspire you as you plan. These are the dozen lovely kitchen herbs the article recommends working into your garden plan:


The four plans in the above article are geared toward a small-space herb garden that’s close to your door. The closer your herb garden is to your home, the more likely you are to step out and grab what you need as you prepare a meal.

Consider planting your mint in a large pot as this perennial can take over a garden bed as it spreads each season. You can also plant your rosemary and sage in pots and bring them in during winter. I keep my rosemary right on my kitchen windowsill for quick access.

Now is a good time to plan your herb garden as you have plenty of time to brainstorm and research which varieties of each herb you want to grow, and you can get any seed orders in during gardening down-time in winter.

For another unique herb garden design, check out Build a Versatile Spiral Herb Garden.

What’s your favorite garden herb to grow?

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I have very little soil space but lots of hard surface and pots of pots...the pot design will suit me.

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Don`t forget to start drying the bumper crop when it`s flourishing!

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