Prophecies About Rare Animals

Prophecies of many cultures counsel people to watch for the birth of rare animals. White animals and other animals of rare coloring are now being born around the world. A white skunk born here, a red cow birthed there, and the sacred white buffalo, at least one of which has been born every year since 1994, have all been in the news recently.

What do these births mean? What are the prophecies telling us to do? Find out here:

All One Now

By Annie B. Bond


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Thanks for sharing!

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Interesting. Thank you

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The human beings and the animals are always in indivisible bond, in whatever ways

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Interesting but link doesnt work.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting but link doesnt work.

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Very cool! also, that picture is gorgeous.

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What nice picture! If they are rare ( if not, also ) , they have to be protected.