Pure Pampering, DIY Style

Between the failing economy and everything I know about the hazardous chemicals found in most beauty products, I’m thinking it’s time to start using some of the great DIY formulas from our Care2 archives. Let’s just hope my lack of cooking skills don’t turn out to be a liability.

I’m going to start out with something easy, like these Easy Bath-Bags (see, the word “easy” is right there in the title!) Simple, and they make good gifts–which is awesome because the holidays are coming and I like to plan ahead.

I am also intrigued by these Spicy Lemon Clove Soapy Salts that promise to soften, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Then there’s these Lavender Soap Balls that sound heavenly.

There’s even a recipe for a Solstice Bath and Body Blend–a simple essential oil formula rumored to help lift your spirits and help you feel more balanced. Now that sounds like the gift that keeps on giving!

Looks like I am going to need to invest in some essential oils, but apparently they last practically forever. Luckily, on Care2 there are literally thousands of other uses for them.

Well! This could turn out to be a busy November. Maybe I should pace myself. But whichever of these projects I decide to tackle will be totally worth it. I’ll be creating some 100 percent pure and lovely, handmade treats for myself and the people I love–no parabens, synthetic fragrance, petroleum-based oils, formaldehyde or sodium laurel sulphate.

Not to mention, I’ll be saving money and the planet at the same time. DIY never sounded so good.


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Sounds delightful, pampering is needed on occasion and does help stress and the fast pace of daily living!

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