3 Easy Steps to Put a Garden to Bed

When a local gardener extraordinaire, Julianne, was asked how to put the garden to bed in the easiest way possible for that special person who has very little time, she said, “Oh, it is easy! It just takes three simple steps!”

Well, here they are! Three simple steps to put your garden to bed in the best way possible for the winter:

1. Cut back any plants that sleep for the winter (which means anything that isn’t green, a shrub, or a tree).

2. Rake around the plants to clear away any the cut off plants, leaves, and other debris.

3. Lay a nice layer of mulch or organic compost around the plants.


Sonali Ghosh
Sonali G.3 years ago

love to garden and feed the birds and hedgehogs. I believe that it is important to keep one corner unkempt and wild for environmental considerations.

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Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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