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Put These 5 Sleep-Stealing Behaviors to Rest

• Power down a mid-afternoon brain drain.

Whether you get enough sleep at night or not, this mid-day fix is in your favor. Naptime isn’t just for babies anymore. In fact, it’s a secret tool of many successful people. A 2009 survey on the matter found that a third of frequent nappers nabbed more than $100K a year. Beyond that, it’s to your employer’s advantage to give you a mini shut-eye session on the clock. It improves thinking skills and memory, and even slashes your risk of having a fatal heart attack by nearly 40 percent, according to a Greek study.

Sleep better: This guide to napping issues tips on how to induce a beneficial mid-day mental charge: Nap before 4 p.m. or it could tinker with your body’s circadian rhythms, and shoot for a 10-minute nap. If you nap for more than 30 minutes, you could experience grogginess afterward.

• Roll-over sleep-stealing snoring.

Snoring ranks as a major deep sleeper stealer for not just the snorer, but also a partner in the room. A British survey discovered that being married to a snoring spouse results in about four years’ worth of lost sleep! While heavy snorers need to be checked out by a doctor for possible sleep apnea, lighter snorers could be remedied with simple sleep position adjustments, mainly, staying off of their backs.

Sleep better: If you generally snore when on your back, cut out a shirt pocket from an old shirt and sew it on the back of your pjs shirt (leaving the top open). Then, before bed, pop a tennis ball in the pocket. If you roll onto your back during the night, the ball will force you to roll to your side without waking you up. You can also try propping your head up with an extra pillow to reduce snoring. It opens your airway more. (We recommend natural fiber pillows, such as ones made out of real rubber, organic cotton, or wool.)

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3:14AM PDT on Jul 4, 2013

Thank you :)

8:10AM PDT on May 5, 2012

good to know

12:30PM PDT on Sep 29, 2011

Thank you

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This could be me!

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3:29AM PDT on May 13, 2011

Eating your last meal of the day at least 3 hours - preferably rather more - before going to bed can help. too. Doing some gentle breathing exercises in bed before sleep helps. Doing enough physical exercise during the day so that your body is actually tired is also important. A lazy day may be wonderful now and again as a rest but we need to tire ourselves in order to sleep well!!

9:35AM PDT on May 10, 2011

It is important to ensure adequate break time before bed - no matter what you’ve been doing prior to going to bed, you need to give your mind and body time to relax before laying down for sleep. Whether you’ve been working, studying or watching T.V, quit what you’re doing at least an hour before bedtime. A poll for the National Sleep Association found that 87% of respondents watched T.V within an hour of going to bed – at least a couple times a week. Violent shows, news reports and vivid stories stay in our heads long after we’ve watched them. Watching T.V or doing anything else that stimulates the brain before bed hinders your quality of sleep.
For some tips on what is OK before bed you can download the FREE ebook, Get To Sleep Now! Its got loads of information on what to avoid and what will help. For example, instead of watching TV before bed and stimulating your brain, call your mom or talk to your children/partner. Chatting is an incredibly beneficial way to slow down your brain, relax, unwind, get your thoughts out and and fall asleep.

9:05AM PDT on May 9, 2011

Aimee Polekoff- My school district tried that suggestion (high school starting later) during my sophmore year of high school. It was a disaster. Kids didn't perform better, it completely screwed up the bus schedule- so much so that those of use coming from farther away from the school (it had a Center for the Arts program so we had kids from a few different towns but generally within 45 mins travel) missed 1st period every day for almost the entire semester until they were able to hire more drivers specifically for the high schools. Not to mention those who did after school activities or worked had far less time to do those things and still get home in time to finish homework. For some it actually increased how late we stayed up because we didn't get out until much later in the afternoon.

Back to the article, some of these are pretty useful tips. My fiance does not get enough sleep, but having to wake up at 4am is the main reason why. Not to mention I can't get him to turn off the tv or video games until 9pm and he generally doesn't fall asleep until about 10 unless he's extremely tired, makes it nearly impossible for him to get him at least 7 hrs.

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