Quick Fix for Tired Eyes

Oh the tired eyes. I have known some people rather addicted to commercial eye drops in an effort to combat strained eyes–and I never thought that sounded quite right. But I feel their need. That’s where this quick homemade formula comes in to play. Adapted from the ever-fabulous book of herbal formulas Organic Body Care Recipes (Storey, 2007) by Stephanie Tourles, this quick rinse for tired eyes offers salvation from eye fatigue, redness and puffiness.

1 cups distilled water
1 tablespoon chamomile flowers

1. Bring the water to a boil and remove from the heat. Add the dried flowers to the boiled water and cover and steep for about 30 minutes.

2. Strain the liquid twice through a fine cloth, or once through a coffee filter. Pour into a sterilized storage container.

3. Refrigerate for up to 7 days.

Application: Either splash open eyes with the brew or lightly mist open eyes. An eye cup is also handy to use.


Angie V.
Angie V.3 years ago


Tanya W.
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Fiona T.
Fi T.3 years ago

I'm afraid this isn't just for beauty

Marianne B.
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Kamryn M.
Kay M.4 years ago

might have to try this.

Diane Piecara
Diane Piecara4 years ago

Sounds soothing.

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Megan G.
Megan G.4 years ago

I'd really like to know exactly how chamomile affects the eyes.

Joe R.
Joe R.4 years ago

I need more information from other sources. I'm not messing around with my eyes based on one article which may or may not be accurate! Be careful people!

jayasri amma
jayasri amma4 years ago

Nice. I'll have to try it