7 Quick Fixes for Mosquito Bites

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, the little buzzers manage to sneak a snack–on us! The next time you or your little ones get an itchy bug bite, try these quick and simple remedies. They are all kid-friendly and very effective, as well as being completely safe and natural.

My favorite uses an ingredient you probably have sitting in a bowl on your kitchen countertop: Use banana peel to take the itch out of mosquito bites. Just rub the pulpy inside surface of the peel on the bite.

Or try these remedies:

1. Rub the bite with soap.
2. Apply an ice pack to the bite.
3. Mix baking soda with enough water to make a paste and apply to the bite.
4. Apply lavender and tea tree oils with a swab.
5. Rub a piece of freshly-cut onion on the bite.
6. A dab of toothpaste is soothing, too.

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Newsletters.

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.1 months ago

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Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harperabout a year ago


Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.about a year ago

good to know, tank o

Erin H.
Erin H.about a year ago

Interesting article, thank you!

Kimmy H.
Kimmy H.about a year ago

Thank you for the tips.

Kamia T.
Kamia T.about a year ago

Witchhazel also works very well and is much less expensive. Classic old-home remedy for many itching issues. If you want less mosquito bites - avoid NSAID use as much as possible, as well as sugar.

Julie W.
Julie W.about a year ago

Stop the little buggers before they bite you - download an app for your phone that sounds like the male mosquito. It keeps the biting females away. (you can't hear it).

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harperabout a year ago


Dale O.
DaleLovesOttawa O.about a year ago

Mosquitoes will always be with us, this is one fact that we will often never get used to.
I like tree tea oil or lavender but there are many other methods as well.

Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn1 years ago

good advice, thanks