Quiz: What Can Sacred Geometry Offer Your Everyday Life?

By the Care2 Staff.

Geometric shapes have been revered since earliest times as gateways to wisdom and as reservoirs of sacred power. When we tune in to the shape that holds an attraction for us in the moment, they can also reveal something deeply meaningful about the challenges we face in our lives.

See which of the following geometric shapes attracts you most today. Then find out what this says about where you are in your life and what you need to focus on, here:

Which shape attracts you most?

Circle, Square, Straight Line, Triangle, or Spiral

Now see what this shape reveals about your current challenges:

The CIRCLE is a reminder of wholeness and the round-and-round nature of life-cycles. You can take a lot of comfort in the way spring always returns no matter how bleak the winter, or that dawn always follows dark in the endless round of time.

Think of all the things that are circular. From the symbol for nothing to the symbol for the powerful life-giving sun, circles cover a lot of territory. Circles are egalitarian and inclusive; it was for very good reason that King Arthur placed his knights at a Round Table. Give some thought to all of the interconnecting circles in your life. How can you invite a more inclusive way of being into your life?

The SQUARE is your ally when you need to build firm foundations. You can build a lot of things on a solid, square base: its four sides remind us that four is a magical number, related to the four elements, an indicator of essential things relating well in balance and harmony.

Take some time today to face the basic issues of your life squarely. Where do you need more stability? Do the foundations of your relationships need attention? Make quality time together a solid priority. Do you feel your finances are built on sand? Maybe it’s time to jot down where the money goes and devise a workable budget that will help you to feel safe and secure.

The STRAIGHT LINE is such a paradoxical and magical shape. Direct and to the point, with no meandering, the line promises the shortest distance between two things. But it also carries the promise of infinity: theoretically, any straight line could be extended forever.

Take a moment to think about the power of straight lines in your life. You might want to picture an unswerving line leading directly from your heart to what it is you most deeply desire. Now imagine using this line as a handrail and guide: Holding on to the line with one hand, take a simple, concrete step today that will bring you a little closer to your spirit’s goal.

The TRIANGLE is the physical shape of a deeply sacred number, the number three. Think of Maiden, Mother, Crone. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Father, Mother, Child. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Three Fates, three Graces, three primary colors, three lights in a stoplight—the list of significant threes goes on and on.

Triangles have been used as a symbol for Woman because of the triangular shape of the female pubic area, and as a symbol for Fire, perhaps because triangles suggest volcanoes or the teepee-like shape of the hearth fire.

A solid sense of balance is one of the primary attributes of the triangle; milking stools were three-legged because three points resting on the ground make it nearly impossible to knock over. And there is another way to look at triangle: when we look head-on at someone sitting in lotus position to meditate or pray, for example, we can see the shape of the triangle with the person’s head as the upward-facing point, and so the upward point of the triangle is often thought to represent the place where matter and consciousness connect with higher realms. We can think of a triangle as a solid earth-base sending energy upward to a single point.

Let triangle be a valuable reminder of your own spiritual base. What are the core beliefs that sustain you? Where do you sit? You may want to give yourself some time today to become clearer about your own beliefs and how they support you—or not.

The SPIRAL echoes the inside of a nautilus shell and the swirl of stars in distant nebulae. It curves both inward and outward, with the potential for continuing on into infinity. And unlike the circle that goes endlessly round and round, a spiral approach to life implies progression. We may come near to similar issues and life-problems, but always from a more spacious perspective.

Walking a spiral path, like the ones we find in a labyrinth, has been a deeply calming form of meditation for millennia. You might want to reap some of the benefits of the spiral by simply drawing one on a piece of paper and then tracing and retracing it with your finger.

Take some time today to be soothed by spiral, and to give some thought to the repeating patterns in your life, and the progress you are making with them.


Dolly Navina L.
Dolly Navina L.2 years ago

Love It !

Island Girl
J. J.5 years ago

Suppose you're not attracted to any geometric shapes at all? Never really think that much about them...0_o

Rick B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Wow this post seems sooooooo Olllld.
And yet it is realativley recent.

Circles are to me the key.
You can construct anything with a compass and a string to sweep radii and rays.
Geometry is sacred. Symetry is bliss.
The platonic solids... (like love, are beyond pale words.) Geometry is eternal and omnipresent. Geometry

Mayhre Borrett-brockway

Wow, I like this. Thank you. I would not have thought about a spiral as a shape. I do now. Thank you

Carley B.
Carley B.8 years ago

What about the oval? It is the shape of the egg, and the egg is from where we all came. It is a lovely elongation of the egalitarian and perpetual circle.

Holly Troubetzkoy

A square with circular tendencies. Great! My son has been doing a stained glass geometry course which has given him great joy so I thought I would send him this info and see what he thinks. I have been maing living forms which are full of curves.

Renee H.
Renee H.8 years ago

Very interesting, but what about other shapes? My doodles and paintings tend to include shapes that look like wings, petals, leaves,teardrops, or seeds, or however you want to define a shape with a roundish end and a pointy one. Perhaps they have circle and triangle qualities together? I chose circle on this quiz. When choosing a pumpkin for Halloween I always liked to find a small, almost spherical one. My sister on the other hand always choose the biggest odd shaped one she could find. He he.

Jacqui Grogan
Jacqui Grogan8 years ago

I have been drawn to painting triangular symbols for a while now, sometimes upright and others upside down...I associate them with femininity, God, and the holy Grail as well as all the other explanations you give...

I feel that painting a triangle and filling it with colour can bring me many messages...

Kathryn Wyant
Kathryn Wyant8 years ago

This was a fun thing so I will be forwarding it to some friends. I found I was most drawn to the spiral but when I doodle I interlock circles and triangles.

Violette Ruffley
Violette Ruffley8 years ago

I have always preferred triangles. Buy everything in 3's. Wash, wear and spare from the "olden times" .... I'm 80 years old .... lol. But I do think in terms of the trinity. I did this for years before I became consciously aware of what I was doing.