Raccoon is Unwelcome Dinner Guest for Confused Cats (Video)

The kitties are shocked. A raccoon has, without hesitation, stolen their dinner. Watch this adorable moment of thievery between a sneaky scavenger and a very confused pack of cats.

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Claudia Acosta
Claudia Acostaabout a year ago

Hooo this little beauty was pretty hungry!

Fi T.
Fi T.about a year ago

They're telling us to treasure our food instead of wasting it

Maureen C.
Maureen C.about a year ago

That's a pretty skinny mama racoon (saw her teats), so she was probably pretty desperate for food.

My cats were always good with racoons -- pretty much the same reactions as those cats, but never any real problems or violence; and the racoons were never intimidated by the cats.

That's the first time I've ever seen a racoon run on it's back legs!

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedlabout a year ago

Karen K., I don´t think so, normally raccoons are naughty, but peaceful, I never heard that one tore a cat apart or bit her to death!
And Kathryn M, normally raccons eat small water animals like crabs or so, that´s why it looks as if they washed their food, it´s just a use of them...

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedlabout a year ago

LOL, I found it too funny how the raccoon dipped the dry food into the water bowl...

Kathryn Mitchell
Kathryn Mitchellabout a year ago

LOL!!! Too funny! I didn't know that raccoons actually do wash their meals, I thought that was just an old wives tail. I love kittens, raccoons, and skunks. Love how the kitties just stand there and watch, shocked, about the raccoon's boldness.... and that was great how the raccoon just grabbed a handfful of food at the end and ran off on its back legs. LOVE it!

Heather Black
Heather Blackabout a year ago

Think the cats are gob-smacked their meal has been so rudely interrupted!

Mary Cromley
.about a year ago

There was plenty of food for everyone!

Marianne R.
Marianne R.about a year ago


Karen K.
Karen K.2 years ago

Cat owners should be careful. Food should be put out of reach of raccoons and wild animals. Raccoons can tear apart a cat.