Raw Foods Store Raided by Police

At a grocery store called Rawesome in the LA area, undercover police purchased raw goat milk and goat cheese before raiding the store and destroying unprocessed products. Three people were arrested in connection with Rawesome Foods, for illegally selling unpasteurized foods or foods made at an unlicensed facility. In June 2010 the same store was raided for not having permits to sell raw food. One of the individuals arrested faces nine charges related to the production of unpasteurized milk products. The police raids destroyed thousands of dollars worth of food products.

Meanwhile, Cargill recalled 36 million pounds of turkey meat after finding it was contaminated with salmonella. One person died, and 77 were made sick. Why aren’t police raiding them? Could it be factory farming gets treated a little better than small, independent business owners who dare to do things their own way?

The press release from the District Attorney’s office says, “While it is lawful to manufacture and sell unpasteurized dairy products in California, applicable licenses and permits are required. These include regular veterinarian inspections of the animals and following equipment and sanitation requirements.

Pasteurization kills or slows the growth of pathogens and microbes and it must be accomplished according to state standards under sanitary conditions. The process involves the heating of milk to a high temperature for a specific time and then cooling it immediately. The manufacture and sale of unpasteurized milk products poses a risk of pathogenic contamination. Those pathogens include salmonella, listeria, e-coli, staphylococcus aureus and tuberculosis.”

The press release does not accuse the three arrested people of ever selling products that made anyone sick or killed anyone, apparently because those events have never taken place.

Image Credit: Jon Sullivan / Wiki Commons

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Robert O.
Robert O.4 years ago

Thanks Jake.

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

Sarah, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The FDA, USDA, CDC, and other government agencies have been doing this for a long time. This example is most egregious because raw milk is perfectly legal in California. No laws of any kind were being broken, other than the raid itself. This is an example of government dirt-bags thinking that they are above the law. Madison et. al. warned us of big government becoming tyrannical, but we were too busy or too sophisticated to listen. Anyone who is keen about health should be moving towards libertarianism, politically speaking.

Sarah M.
Sarah M.5 years ago

This has me absolutely infuriated! Raw food is the best thing anyone could consume. How could this happen in California?! This is a witch hunt and people are sick and tired of the FDA & USDA trying to control us---we all know that it's solely in the name of profit. I am beyond sick and tired of commercial agriculture and toxic food sans nutrition. We need to take a stand. We have a right to eat wholesome foods and be healthy. We are a nation of toxic and obese people. We need to educate ourselves and take a stand. We need to wake up and stop acting like a nation of zombies and stop being taken for fools.

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

Magdelena, you realize that dumping milk is against EPA regulations. Isn't that a hoot. There is no accountability with these government agencies. No matter how unjust or cruel or stupid, no one will lose their jobs. No one will get into trouble.

Magdalena Redyk
Magdalena R.5 years ago

This is ridiculous. I just can't believe these are considered felonies. I'm sure that every one of this store's customers is aware of the supposed risks they're taking eating raw dairy products, and they should have the right to make that choice. And why all that produce had to be destroyed is beyond me.

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

You might like to know the Ullysses S. Grant let the businessmen into the White House and the Congress, and they haven't left since. We need a Constitutional amendment to separate business and state, just like the separation of church and state. And we need to enforce it with the death penalty for anyone who gives or accepts bribes or favors of any kind.

Kathy M.
Kathy M.5 years ago

Our legal and justice systems are fairly flawed, as this example clearly illustrates. But to call this a felony...? WTF! Rape, murder, jewel heists - these are felonies! Selling unadulterated food on the other hand? Give me a break!

I'm fed up with these G-D corporations having so much power over human beings! We can't eat real food - we have to consume Monsanto's GMO's.... in some cities it is against the law to feed the homeless... the FDA is all over healthy alternative outfits like Rawesome - but they allow the cattle industry carte blanche to sell uninspected beef. All these crazy laws...

It's like the USA is turning into one of those backward little towns with corrupt sheriffs and pitchfork toting townsfolk. Whatever happened to common sense and logic?

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

The FDA, USDA, and the CDC are fascist pigs.

Sheri P.
Sheri P.5 years ago

DISLIKE! Why don't authorities go bust some real criminals?

Roger B.
Roger Bird5 years ago

Sheila, You don't have to be sarcastic with your use of the word "evil". Simply redirect your usage of that word toward the FDA for whom that word is appropriate.