Reconsidering Linoleum Flooring

When thinking of great flooring for your home, linoleum is not what usually comes to mind. Viewed as cheap, low-end and certainly not natural, linoleum would probably be found towards the bottom of the list of preferred flooring options, where hardwoods, laminates, and increasingly, renewable alternatives such as bamboo and even cork are favored.

The reality is what most people think of as linoleum isn’t true linoleum at all; they’re thinking of vinyl flooring. Even many salespeople assume you’re referring to vinyl tiles or sheets if you ask about linoleum flooring. While there are low- and high-end vinyl options available, and the ease of care is undeniable, vinyl is not made of natural, renewable materials; polyvinyl chloride is a major component. In contrast, true linoleum consists of oxidized linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork, limestone dust, jute and pigments. It is durable, resisting dents twice as much as vinyl, giving it a cost-effective longevity. Like vinyl, linoleum is soft and provides a bit of cushioning when walked upon. Also, like vinyl, it is available in many designs as both sheets and tiles.

Caring for linoleum flooring is simple: simply wet-mop it with a mild soap or detergent.


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