Exposed Copper Pipes As Home Decor

Is copper having a moment? With its heat-conductive properties and oxidation potential (and with scrap prices at an all-time high), copper is synonymous with luxury. Here are five examples of exposed copper done right.

Above: Copper piping and connectors are fitted together to form a pot rack in the kitchen; via Bostad.

Above: Custom-made tables featuring copper legs at Garde in Los Angeles. Photo by David John.

Above: Copper pipe shelving in the home of Magnus Reed, via Freunde von Freunden.

Above: A DIY coat rack from Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics.

Above: Copper pipes are partially hidden behind the bathroom mirror at Archangel Hotel; see Hotels & Lodging: Archangel Hotel in England.

For even more copper inspiration, visit Remodelista‘s Room Gallery.



Helly F.
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Ernie Miller
william Miller3 years ago

copper is a pretty soft metal and it will not hold up to a lot of these uses

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.3 years ago

Some cleaver ideas Remodelista. However - the price of copper is through the roof right now here in Canada and there are a lot of thieves wanting it.

Mari s
Mari 's3 years ago

Looks wonderful!! :)

Autumn S.
Autumn Away S.3 years ago

thank you!

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Geoff Price
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Ugly ugly ugly

Ana Marija Rumbak
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Thank you:)

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