Recycled Purses from Salvacion GarBAGs

Want to spread some love this Valentine’s Day? Consider supporting the women of Salvacion GarBAGS, a small livelihood project started by 13 mothers in a small fishing community within the Philippines.

Salvacion GarBAGs offers a line of adorable products including purses, reusable grocery bags and slippers from recycled materials. 100 percent of the profits go to the women who design and create the bags, and are used to support their families, fund the neighborhood preschool, and sponsor community programs.

The women of Salvacion GarBAGs are hoping to expand their business and upgrade supplies to improve their working conditions. View their business goals and wish list here. By donating and toting a Garbags product, you are directly helping poor Filipino families and you are helping to combat a growing solid waste management problem in the Philippines.

Help the women, by clicking here.

View their products by clicking here.



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15 days left to donate!

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