Revamp Your Living Room for Under $500

by Yamini Mudaliar for Networx

Having the best furniture and accessories does not always create an interesting space. Over time, even a room full of expensive furniture and accessories will start to look unappealing.† A living room needs to be spruced up now and then to give it freshness, and to keep that element of surprise in your life. Sprucing up a room can be done in many ways, but here are a few tips that are easy on your pockets (and on the Earth) and will have your guests talking:

1. Reorganize the Placement of Your Furniture ($0)

The easiest part of sprucing a room that does not involve spending is reorganization. In other words, simply placing furniture in different locations in the room will drastically change the look. Adding or removing a chair, or replacing an accent chair with a love seat, adds an element of surprise.

Try something different every time.† Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of placing your area rug parallel to the wall, place it at an angle and see how the drama unfolds.
  • Swap an area rug with a smaller rug from another room, or remove a rug to show off your hardwood floor.
  • Move accessories, like vases and throw pillows, from a study or bedroom into your living room.† Change the placement of the accessories that are already in your living room.

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2. Paint ($30 – $150)

Add color to the entire room or just one wall. Changing the accent wall color and bringing in contrasting accessories (which you might already have) does not involve a major investment of money. Hereís a professional design tip: Keeping wall colors generic and paint the ceiling to make a bold statement.

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3. Define your Own Art ($20 – $100)

Art is always welcome in any room, but it is expensive and not something you can toss in and out of your home.

  • Consignment stores are great places to buy art pieces that are inexpensive.
  • Arranging traditional and classic photos is a cheap way to dress up your walls.† You can use a configuration of various sizes and colors. All you need is some empty frames, a computer and a printer.
  • Read more budget artwork ideas.

4. Floral/Plant Arrangements ($20-$50)

Plant arrangements are great to add to a room. Try something different even with plants:

  • A small collection of succulents
  • A colorful variation of cacti
  • A Bonsai
  • Replace the container if you donít want to change the plant or just add a bunch of fresh flowers if you will be entertaining.

5. Window Treatments ($100)

Donít be intimidated by window treatments.† Many retailers sell a variety of inexpensive options. One way to make unique and exotic window treatments is to purchase sari fabric from an Indian market (there are Indian food and home product markets in most major cities in America). They have a lot of yardage and come in many inspiring colors and patterns.

6. Slip Covers and Throw pillows ($30-$150)

Slip covers are life savers when it is time to salvage that couch you love, and inexpensive when compared to buying new furniture. They come in a lot of colors and universal sizes that fit most sofas. Add throw pillows to contrast the slip cover.

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Charlene S.
Charla D.5 years ago

Great tips. I like to keep my walls fairly neutral in color and that way you can use different slip cover and pillows on the furniture to add color and change. Having different pillows and slipcovers for the different seasons is also a lot of fun.

Ann F.
Ann F.5 years ago


Shannon B.
Shannon M.5 years ago

When redecorating a room on a budget it's great to be a bit handy as well. Garage sales and antique shops often sell out inexpensive vintage and worn furniture that can easily be restored or made into something completely new.

Also if you have two pieces of furniture that don't match such as lamps or end tables, try painting them or giving them other personal touches that link them together that way.

Alicia N.
Alicia N.5 years ago

great tips, many thanks.

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Danielle Herie
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