Reducing School Bus Emissions: One Simple Solution

So maybe your community isn’t ready to convert your school buses to biodiesel. There is still one free and simple way to reduce some of the toxic pollution and emissions from school buses across the nation.

Idling school buses impact the environment and our children’s health. Request that your fleet of buses turn their motors off while they wait for school to let out.

Read this great article from the EPA.

Figure out how much your school would save if your buses stopped idling. (For example, if a fleet of 10 buses stopped idling for 15 minutes, it would save 225 gallons of fuel per year AND reduces the carbon footprint significantly.)

By the Care2 Staff.


Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni4 years ago

We could reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions AND help prevent childhood obesity by having the kids walk to school.

Duane B.
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Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

How about electric plug in to the solar-wind power grid, like in California, and other places?

Lola M.
Lola M.6 years ago

Some carpool websites offers great tips and services on starting a carpool.


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