Rent Your Car to a Neighbor – Personal Car Sharing

Whipcar in London says they are the first service allowing everyday citizens to rent out their cars to the public for money. At first blush, it may sound like a crazy idea, but the more you learn about it, the saner it sounds. First of all, the service is free. You register your vehicle through their website and it becomes searchable to people who are looking for a vehicle to rent. The car seekers have to also register for the site, and are screened by Whipcar to ensure they have safe driving records and are of age. Car seekers identify suitable vehicles for rent close to their location, and book them. The car owners receive an email and text message via the Whipcar site, and agree or disagree to the terms. If there is an agreement, the two parties meet, and the rental begins.

The concept is similar to conventional car sharing agencies such as City Car Share (I’m a member and like it) except that each car for rent is owned by an individual. Such a service will start up in Boston soon (Relay Rides). In California, Spride Share is set to follow pending state legislation.

This new personal car sharing effort is intriguing. It could create a sense of community where none existed. It could also create tension and arguments between neighbors over damage to vehicles and related issues. Who knows exactly how it will unfold, but it seems bold, sensible and mutually beneficial. Car owners get to defray their costs, and car seekers get to drive when necessary, without having to own a car.

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Image Credit: Dave Murty


Kate M.
.about a year ago

This is quite fascinating blog; the stuff has really allured me. Thanks a lot luxury rent a car los angeles

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

I'd prefer to be in a shared-car company. Unfortunately, not available outside of the city. Hiring from the shared-car groups would certainly cost me less per month because I don't use my car every day.

Robert O.
Robert Orlando5 years ago

Interesting, but this doesn't sound like a very practical idea to me. All of the things mentioned above seem like deal busters - insurance, maintenance/care, tickets, accidents... I'd rather let my car sit idle.

David M.
David M.6 years ago

TICKETS..... That is a good question that a lot of people are missing..


If you get a parking ticket with a car rental agency, they inform the parking authority who issues the ticket to the person who rented the car. But what happens if the car owner lies?

This is going to be a major problem area. It's going to have to be handled via "trust".

Karen B.
Karen B6 years ago

I would think one would need a special insurance coverage in order to protect themselves. Don't know if such an insurance exists, I guess if this becomes a popular practice, one will be created. Sounds expensive, otherwise sounds like a great idea.

David M.
David M.6 years ago


Here is an idea.

I did NOT see that AB 1871 prohibits you from using one income gained from one car to pay for a second car.

What does this mean? Well, you can buy a wreck for $800, rent it out to pay for your second primary car. Hell, you can buy multiple wrecks and rent them out to pay for your luxury car.

The point here is that you can be creative to protect yourself. This idea is going to be BIG.

David M.
David M.6 years ago

As to the risk of renting your car to someone, you can perform a background check, check feedback, choose the people you will rent to and take a deposit for any damages.

David M.
David M.6 years ago


It makes me laugh when Whipcar lies to people by telling everyone they were the first. Their domain name was only registered in 2009. Checkout and who registered and running before Whipcar.

Great way to start off your business....lying to everyone. Shows you what kind of people are running that business...Don't trust them.

Janice D.
Past Member 6 years ago

Is is a good idea to do so..what if your neighbor will not take care of your car..How will you handle it?Are they accountable to pay you or what?just curious..

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