Repressing The Real You Makes You Sick

I write a lot about authenticity, being unapologetically YOU, and letting your freak flag fly. In my TEDx talk, I spoke about the importance of tapping into your Inner Pilot Light and living in alignment with what’s true for you as a means of both preventative medicine and medical treatment. And in my upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013), I make the assertion that caring for your body is the least important part of your health and that expressing your true self in all aspects of your life is the most important part.

But you might not believe me. How can authenticity and disease be linked?

As research for my next book, I’m reading the book Consciousness & Healing. In a chapter co-written by the phenomenal Candace Pert, a study was referenced that blew me away.

Authenticity & Disease Progression

Steve Cole and his colleagues at UCLA investigated HIV-positive gay men to determine whether how “out” vs. “closeted” they were with their homosexuality affected disease progression. Study participants were asked to rate themselves as “definitely in the closet,” “in the closet most the time,” “half in and half out,” “out most of the time,” or “completely out of the closet.”

Researchers then followed the course of their disease.

What did they find?

Hiding Who You Are – Whether From Yourself or Others – Makes You Sick

Bingo. On all counts, HIV infection advanced more quickly in direct proportion to how “out of the closet” the patients were. The more they lived in alignment with their truth, the healthier they were. And the results weren’t subtle. Those that were mostly or all the way in the closet hit critically low CD4 counts 40 percent faster than those who were mostly or all the way out, with a 21 percent reduction in time to death.

Other data suggests that this isn’t just true for AIDS. Concealing your identity – whether you’re hiding your unhappiness in your marriage, your dissatisfaction at work, your frustration with how creatively thwarted you feel while raising three kids, or your sexual frustration in a partnership where you’re not getting any – can compromise your ability to heal.

Repression of your true feelings is bad for your health. Unfettered expression of who you are ramps up your inherent physiological self-healing mechanisms.

Being unapologetically YOU is also the ticket to emotional freedom, more open-hearted relationships, better business success, a deeper connection to Source, and more restful sleep!

It’s your choice.

Are you in the closet in your life?

Are you living in alignment with your truth? Do you even know what your truth is?

If you’re not sure or you need help coming out in all aspects of your life, accept the invitation to align with your truth and take a daily dose of preventative medicine by signing up for free daily messages from your Inner Pilot Light.

What can you do to more closely align with your truth? Let us be your witnesses.

Holding the door wide open,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

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Roberto MARINI
Roberto MARINI1 months ago

Thank you for this article

Dale Overall

Unless one is a sociopath then repressing the real you is not a good idea unless one is doing something that will hurt others or yourself.

Too many people aim to please others and do not allow themselves to live their own lives. It is best to appreciate the individual that you are with your own creativity and interests. If you are surrounded by people who are always trying to repress the real you then it is time to look for other friends. If your partner is someone who is adverse to the real you and you live walking on eggshells--leave.

Be yourself, take advice and help when it is truly beneficial and leave the rest.

Dale Overall

Strange, none of my comments have taken today, seems since the maintenance a few days ago I have trouble seeing the comments coming up. Will not repeat it since yesterday these eventually did show up after around five minutes but have been on for a hour and there is nothing yet.

Dale Overall

So very true, one can spend a lifetime repressing emotions and becoming badly depressed if you allow yourself to be used as a door mat and have no boundries with others. Some people are creative and they are told not to take art courses because they should be serious about life and things like that. Learn to be expressive but not destructive and enjoy life to the fullest!

Dale Overall

Of course there are some people who do need to repress themselves such as criminals, sociopaths and that ilk but I realize they won't pay attention to social good anyway.
The rest of us should

Dale Overall

Sorry, hit something and did not complete my comment-was saying that criminals and sociopaths can do well to repress themselves while the rest of us should learn to be more at ease with self expression!

annie s.
annie statton4 years ago

When I am myself I get into a lot of trouble-----ha ha

annie s.
annie statton4 years ago

When I am myself I get into a lot of trouble-----ha ha

Michelle Gershon
Michelle Gershon4 years ago

I learned from a young age that I was never happy trying to please other people. I still feel the need to have acceptance from others, but more and more I am learning that I can be a kind and caring person even if other people do not like me. In face, I am more kind, perhaps, when I still care despite others not liking me. I am the most free and truly the most happy when I do something frightening that I have been wanting to do! Whenever I free myself, I feel so wonderful.

Cindy Roche
Cindy Roche4 years ago

Took many years but I finally accepted that I'm a woman, not a sophisticated lady. I don't need to be serious all the time, it's healthy to let my playful side have full rein. "In exchange for my youth, I was given the truth".