Rethinking Latin America’s Largest Landfill

Jardim Gramacho, located outside Rio, is Latin America’s largest landfill. Its here that groundbreaking new techniques are turning all that trash into electricity.

Rethinking Latin America's Largest Landfill
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Warren Webber
Warren Webber2 years ago

Live long and prosper

Aud Nordby
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Dolly Navina L4 years ago

Thank you!

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

Interesting article.

Vicky Barman
Past Member 4 years ago

good to know...

Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

Good theory- see if works.

Neil A.
Neil A4 years ago

This post is inadequate is the stuff composted to make methne or just burnt to pollute the atmosphere?? also a lot more should be repaired reused or better not bought in the 1st place then trashed.

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran4 years ago


Joan Mcallister
4 years ago

I live in western Canada and I am appaled at how little we recycle. I have just spent 3 months in the UK staying with three of my sisters and could not believe how much they recycle, the local authorities provide the boxes and it is almost mandatory to use them, infact in some areas it is.

tammy B.
tammy B4 years ago

good post, but recycling is a struggle. In some countries, the middle and lower classes really look down on recycling now - possible due to the wonderful materialistic advertising campaigns that bombard 24-7