Road Trip: Find Your Carbon Footprint and Fuel Cost

A website called calculates the cost of gasoline, miles driven, and carbon emissions for vehicle trips in the United States.

To try it out, I put in San Francisco, CA as the starting point, and Ann Arbor, Michigan as the destination, and selected a 1992 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel as the means of transportation. The website quickly calculated an estimated cost of $244.41, a carbon footprint of 1998.5 lbs, 2539 miles, 83.3 gallons of gas with an average price per gallon of $2.92, and about 37 hours of driving time. It also creates a Google map showing the route, and the stops in between.

Under the carbon footprint number, there is a link to Terrapass where you can buy carbon offsets to make your trip carbon neutral.

The site also states their numbers are just estimates, as they can’t factor in every exact condition for each individual trip. However, it is encouraging to see a site offering carbon footprint data right next to the fuel cost and miles driven. When you are planning your next road trip, try it out and see if you want to offset your carbon emissions.

Image Credit: Orangeacid


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