Safe Baby Mattress on a Budget? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I am pregnant with my second child, and as much as I want to buy an organic wool mattress for my new baby, I can’t afford it. I bought a mattress and am outgassing it on the porch, hoping that all the smells will be gone. Is that OK? –Sara, NY

Dear Sara,
It is great that you are aware of toxics in baby furniture, an important first step. My suggestion for you is to air the mattress out like you are doing, but to also to make a cotton barrier cloth cover for it. Barrier cloth is a very tightly woven material consisting of a 440 thread count that blocks most fumes and dust mites. Just make sure to wash the barrier cloth frequently.

When I was getting my daughter’s nursery together I found a used mattress for sale at a garage sale because I knew that it would be fully outgassed. I then covered it with a barrier cloth. I felt quite satisfied that she was sleeping on a non-toxic mattress with those steps.

While you are buying the barrier cloth, get some extra to make a safe car seat: Chemical Dangers in Car Seats.


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