Safely Peel Paint Off a Porch? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I just wanted to know if you could help me. I have wood, which is painted, and over that it has been sprayed with an aerosol can of metallic paint (it’s already flaking) was wondering if you had any ideas of completely removing these paints. I don’t really want to use paint stripper, something homemade and inexpensive would be awesome. Please get back to me. –BigBoy008, UK

Dear BigBoy008,
Yes, I have the perfect thing for you, and synchronistically, I am helping advise a friend on his porch using just this, and it is working perfectly. Cover the peeling paint with a good thick damp paste of washing soda, keeping it damp. Let the paste set as long as possible (24 hours would be ideal, keeping it wet by spraying with water from a clean spray bottle, or just flicking water around), rinse, scrubbing with a brush as you go, and za-zing, off comes the paint! Washing soda is also known as sal soda.

Wear gloves because washing soda is quite caustic as it is very alkaline, although it puts off no harmful fumes. And kudos to you for not wanting to use a toxic paint stripper! Even the so-called natural ones that I have seen are high in VOCs.


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