Satisfy Your Soul

When the world and its religions
Can’t quite satisfy your soul
And the hymns and prayers and chanting
Sound like one droll rigmarole

When the teachers of your spirit
Leave you empty and confused
And your inner voice announces
That the truth has been abused

When your doubts demand reality
Beyond this life’s façade
And all else has failed to save you
Let your conscience be your God.


written by Sun, Co-Founder of Gentle World


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Julie H.
Julie Hoffman4 years ago

Spirituality is much better.

Michele Mihlack
Michele Mihlack4 years ago

nice.thank you

Hester Clark
Hester Clark4 years ago

I love this poem so much :)

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V.4 years ago

very nice, thanks

Jerry t.
Jerold t.4 years ago

Beautifully said, but my conscience is no one's God. It is only they're deep still voice. To hear it, we must also be still. To hear it we must also be active.
If you're conscience is you're God, what is you're demon?

Marianne Barto
MARIA B.4 years ago

Beautifully said....thanks

Dot A.
Dot A.4 years ago

in the final final
this is our one truth

J.L. A.
JL A.4 years ago

thanks--a timely reminder

Fiona T.
Fiona T.4 years ago


Gwynethrose F.
Gwynethrose F.4 years ago

This I love!!!