Saving a Baby Vervet Monkey

“Lequinho” is a vervet monkey (Cercopithecus pygerythrus) that weighs just under a pound and measures 35cm, without counting the tail. Two months ago, he lost his mother at birth in Rio de Janeiro’s zoo. The grandmother of the baby monkey unsuccessfully tried to breastfeed him. “Lequinho” was very weak and had to be brought under the care of the zoo’s veterinaries. Now he is a strong, healthy and very playful monkey.

Baby Monkey Escapes Death and Recovers in Rio's zoo
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Florence Eaise
Florence Eaise4 years ago

thanks cute

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago


Christine C.
Christine C4 years ago


DORIS L4 years ago

Makes me want to cry...he's so adorable! I hope he thrives.

Suzanne Osborne
Suzanne Osborne4 years ago

sweet little thing. hope he thrives.

Maggie Carmel
Maggie Carmel4 years ago

So cute baby, sorry he lost his mom but I'm happy he was able to be bottle fed and that he accepted it, sometimes they reject this.
Nice grandma, at least she tried!
Glad he's stronger now :)

Dianne D.
Dianne D4 years ago

So sorry about his mother and glad he survived.

Ruth S.
Ruth C4 years ago

Poor baby lost his momma!

Donna B.
Donna B4 years ago

Awwww. He is so cute. Glad they saved him.

Dogan Ozkan
Dogan Ozkan4 years ago

thanks for helpig the poorest