Scaredy Cats (Video)

Balloons, apples and a sock aren’t exactly great material for the next Stephen King novel. But somehow, these cute cats manage to get jumpy when they come across everyday household objects.

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Jayasri Amma
Jayasri Ammaabout a year ago

Thank you!

Rebecca G.
Rebecca G.2 years ago

Loved this and the music was perfect!

Carrie-Anne Brown

haha thanks for sharing :)

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener2 years ago

:) better safe than sorry, hey!

Nora McKellar
Nora M2 years ago

lmao!! the cat at the end was hilarious!!

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush2 years ago

This video gave me a good laugh for the day, that I badly needed.

Alexandra B.
Alexandra B.2 years ago

This video is so hilarious it made me cry, haha. Watched it the second time, to see if it would be as funny as the first time i watched it & it was :D Really funny.
Thanks for sharing. It made my evening.

Peggy A.
Peggy A.2 years ago

so cute!

Debbie Miller
Debbie false2 years ago


Samantha Richardson

Hahaha, I am laughing so hard at the little kitties, especially the one that freaked out about the lizard. Classic Tom & Jerry moment if there ever was one! LOL